Black Poetry : Sweet

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    Feel this poetry
    Slide down your memory
    So easy so pure so magestically
    Feeling me
    Gotta come through
    Though love is blind
    I feel like i'm high off
    This reality
    The body was touched
    As you entered me
    And my mind was in the clouds
    Never minding that you were feeling me
    You let me know
    And privately
    As you ~~~ in me
    So that's where we be
    In this mentality
    And your smooth skin
    Hovered over me
    And your Latinojungle feva
    Just wanted to know
    Who I be
    This Nubian Queen
    This Afro Latina tan colored beauty
    As you kissed me
    As you kissed me
    Filled with all of your curiosity
    As you discovered every part of me
    As you revealed every emotion hidden
    In your eyes
    And you were
    Into me
    I mean really feeling me
    Hee hee hee
    Just me
    You Muslim
    Reciting Arabic
    Confessing to Allah
    That you sorry
    So we felt bad in the morning
    This is our story
    Still we made love
    Humanly, Spirits soaring
    Still feining until the morning
    We had to do it again

    You know me
    Like how I be
    Like I know you be
    Lovin me
    Your gurl
    Your woman
    My personality
    Askin my permission
    Just wishing
    Hmmm... now you know
    No more guessin
    You look at me naked as I want to be
    I see you scopin me
    Love rain
    Drip dropped into my being
    Rose pedals fallen down the follicles of my hair
    You likin me