Black Poetry : Sweet Potato Pie - Repost - Bishop and Watcher


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Jan 31, 2001
Chicago-In the WatchTower
Feeling an air of nostalgia today.....

Pies, pies, pies,
There are many kinds of pies
Many sizes, colors & flavors
Beautiful on the outside with a taste to be savored
Apple Pie is first on the list
Trust me this is one pie you don’t want to miss
With a touch a cinnamon enjoy the taste
Smack your lips, go down in haste
Stick in your tongue
Passion begun
Taste that apple within
Come up for air & go again
Hit that slit in the middle
Make you hot like pancake batter on a griddle
Make you cum
Now we got apple juice want some?
Apple sauce or apples fried
Bishop & Watcher loves Apple pie
Banana Crème Pie comes is next to follow
Some just take it all in others just swallow
This banana crème pie is different you see
Brothas you supply the banana and the crème
Slip it between her lips either above or down below
Pump in your sweet cream, make her white as snow
Fill her up
Till she erupt
Look at that crème run down from her smile
Let’s you know this pie is worthwhile
Rhubarb pie what the hell is that
Must be the type of pie you just go at
Don’t really like the taste but pie is pie
Get it over & be done with it, just want to be satisfied
Don’t look too pleasing but we don’t care
Just open wide
Legs swinging in the air
Cut with the knife
Get another slice
Might not be the one you would choose
But take it anyway what have you got to lose
Cherry Pie
My, my, my
Get one between your teeth bust that cherry with ease
Feel the juice as it flows
Down your mouth and onto the floor
Feel the ooze
Fluids you lose
Feel our magic
Get in the groove
But next is the pie that all brothas like
It’s that pie that gives you a natural high
Golden brown on the outside
Moist & yummy on the inside
Stick in your finger
Let it linger
Nice & hot
Really hits the spot
Eat it with ice cream or not
I’m just happy with what I got
Feeling so good inside
This Sweet Potato Pie
Not like the other pies that you see
But this pie can satisfy your every need
Eat it anyway you can
As long as it’s piping hot, brotha you may need a fan
To cool off this pie
Between the thighs
Smelling so good
Nice feeling to my wood
As I cut with my knife
Gonna bring this pie to life
Soft & tender you as I go inside
Moving with the flow like a bicycle ride
Some may get tired with this kind of pie
May look at other with a wandering eye
But as for me I can take it with ease
No matter the heat
Turn it up 7 degrees
Yes this is what we like
A great big helping of Sweet Potato Pie.

What kind of pie are you?


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