Brother AACOOLDRE : Swallow up or Spit out: THE Wicked vs Right Memo

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    To: Biblical Scholars 4/6/2016

    From: Andre Austin

    Subject: Seeking A Consensus on the Term “Lukewarm” (Rev chapter 3:16)

    In my efforts to build a consensus and reform Christian belief that “Lukewarm” is less preferable to being “Hot” is a serious, gross mistake I disseminate this memo to you.

    The verdict was told to church members in Laodicea that they were neither “Hot” or “Cold” was meant that their Hearts were not Hot or Cold towards a reciprocity in sin as a response towards sinners. Having a Cold or Hot heart was viewed very negatively in ancient Egypt in throughout the Bible. The overall context in Revelations, talks about those who have overcome (endure) mistreatment of those Hot-tempered and Cold-minded followers of Satan. The Stoic followers wanted their members to be indifferent towards Hot and Cold like their Saint Socrates was. Also implied that the righteous get to eat from the Tree of life. It wasn’t good to be hot or cold but having a warm heart was the optimal goal while alive. Then after death have your heart warmed up again and not burnt up with hot flames.

    Lukewarm is spit out because they weren’t “Hot” or “Cold”. They were not swallowed up because their faith and works were deemed righteous. Powerful anecdotal evidence comes from and is reinforced by the Dead Sea Scrolls. The commentary on Habakkuk, one of the Qumran texts, tells us that, after The Wicked Priest had killed, The Teacher of Righteousness, “He (The teacher) appeared before them to swallow them up”. “Swallow up” is a Hebrew metaphor for “do away with” or “kill”. The address to the church in Laodicea were to people currently living like the wicked priest.

    In Egypt to “spit out” was a reference to the Gods Shu & Tefnut being born. Tefnut was a personification of Maat (righteousness). The Hebrew “swallow” and Egyptian to “spit out” follow the concept of birth and death. Spit to birth and swallow up to kill.

    For two months I’ve been building up a mountain of evidence to prove my case, inadvertently giving Christians an educational upbraid. Now its time to spread the good news and try to build a consensus on the foundation of the truth outlined here. To save Christendom from their inexcusable and wrongful selection of the temperature degree they are supposed to be in and change their perception of its symbolic theological significance. The mission can only be accomplished when they come to terms that they were in error.

    Andre Austin