Black People : Susan Taylor may have been fired

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    Susan Taylor may have been fired

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    Susan Taylor the long time editor of Essence Magazine is no more. If you send an email to Taylor, you will get some funny message stating she is in South Africa. If recall the last prime time person that disappeared to South Africa, it was due to the person being under extreme pressure and attack from his co workers according to the Black Crusaders.

    Some are saying Susan Taylor was fired. If she was fired, there will be an out cry from those who love and admire Susan Taylor. Susan has been reduced to operating a non profit according to some reports. The non profit is a mentoring program. It is a good thing that she has something to fall back on. People are wondering did she lose her stock options or did Time Warner just grease up the boot and kick her out the door.
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    She only got what she had coming. It's a shame our own people didn't grease her up first! When the Black books explosion was taking place it was our people and our bookstores who had a monopoly on it. White people didn't even know that our people had such a great interest in books by our own scholars and other writers. Naturally white folks wanted a piece of this big pie once they realized the amount of money in it. Unfortunately, what they didn't have was a list of black authors, bookstores, independent publishers or venues that our people were using and that we were profiting from. Susan Taylor Sold it to them. I guess I need not tell you what happened after that in terms of the writers, bookstores, independent publishers or venues. Yeah, I'm pissed!! Pissed that we didn't grease her up first !! Oh, and in terms of where I got this information? United Brothers, United Sisters (USBS Publishers) in Baltimore did a whole expose on her in their monthly paper at the time it went down.