Black Short Stories : SURVIVING the streets...part 2.

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    the near north

    When Jana arrived at the office, the next morning, Ja’kadric was nowhere to be seen. A bouquet of roses sat atop her desk…an envelope attached. It was from Ja’kadric:


    I know, to you, maybe lunch didn’t seem to go very well. But, it did…and I heard what you said. I’ve been so angry at you for so long, I don’t know any other way to be. When I saw you crying, I realized that…when you hurt…I still hurt. I’m not saying that I’m ready for things to be the way they were—if we’re not together, were they really that good—I’m just saying that I’d like to spend some time with you…away from the office. If this is good for you, my number is 555-7827. Call me.

    Jana sat there…staring at the letter. She didn’t know how to act. She didn’t know if she should jump for joy, or get angry at him…for having been made to wait so long.

    She was going to clear out her in-basket…but she was so giddy she couldn’t focus.

    “Should I call him now,” she asked herself…not wanting to appear too anxious. Yet, knowing he knew how she felt, she couldn’t think of a good reason not to.

    “Is he at home? Where could he be?”

    She dialed the number…and listened to the ring.
    “leave a message at the beep…”
    she hung up the phone.
    She didn’t like message machines…and refused to leave messages.
    She reread the letter and thought about what it meant.
    We’re always asking/praying for something…but is it really what we want?
    Are we prepared to receive it when it comes to us?
    So many thoughts ran THROUGH her mind;
    “Will I kiss him right off?
    Will we make love…tonight…or just talk?
    Will I move in…will he?

    So many thoughts…

    She turned off her computer…gathered her things…and headed for the door, thinking, “it’s going to be a very long day…if I can’t reach him.” On her way out, she stopped by Regina’s office and asked if she could cover her desk while she was out…not knowing how long that would be.

    She walked into the garage with her head down…digging through her suitcase size purse for her keys. When she finally looked up, she froze in her tracks…dropped her purse…and fell to her knees. She was so weak her legs wouldn’t support her.

    He sat atop the hood of her car…expressionless. He wasn’t sure if this was the right decision or not…wasn’t sure if she was still the one. All he knew for certain was that, in order to know, he had to give it a try.

    When she fell to her knees, Ja’kadric ran to her side. He knelt beside her as she began to cry. When he started laughing, she moved from crying…to a sort of laughing/crying fit…before grabbing hold of him. In her heart, she vowed never to let him go, again…no matter what.

    Ja’kadric pulled her to her feet.
    “May I have this dance, ma’am?”

    Thrown into another bout of laughing and crying, she held his face in her hands as she managed a whispered, “Yes.” It had been so long, this dream of hers, to hold him in her arms…once more. Now that her dream was made manifest, she didn’t know how to proceed.
    “Should I kiss him…hold him…caress his handsome face?
    Should I tell him how much I love him…have missed him, since last we held like this?”
    She thought this as she stared into his eyes.
    As she thought it, her thoughts were conveyed to him, through the windows to her soul. He could always read her. Today was no exception.


    He took her home…to his place. In anticipation of just such a scenario, he had bought wine—Asti Spumanti—shrimp ****tail, cheese and ********, and a new jazz cd….

    “Would you like a bubble bath?”

    “Why? Do I need one?”

    “It’s not like that…I just want you to relax.”

    “Yes, I’ll take a bath. Thank you.”

    While he ran her bath, she admired his apartment. She had always liked his taste in decorations…but she was extremely impressed with the subtle changes in his tastes. It was obvious, even in his apartment’s dress, she was no longer dealing with a boy. Clearly, he was a man, now.

    “Your bath is ready,” Ja’kadric said, as he reentered the living room area.

    “Thank you.”

    As he led the way to the master bathroom, Jana couldn’t help admiring his frame. “Yes, he has filled out well,” she thought. When she entered the bedroom, she saw women’s lingerie spread out on his king size bed…a robe and panty ensemble. When he noticed her expression, Ja’kadric said;

    “They’re for you…when you’ve finished your bath. I thought you might like to get comfortable.”


    “I got your size from ‘Nisha.”

    “’Nisha knows about this?”

    “’Nisha knows that I love you…and want to do something special for you. Beyond that, she knows nothing.”

    “How did you know I’d accept your invitation?”

    “I knew we’d be together, again, eventually. I’ve always known that. I just needed for you to understand how badly you hurt me. Now, go take your bath.”

    While she took her bath, Ja’kadric put the finishing touches on his surprise. He turned on the music, brought out the platter of ******** and cheeses, etc…as well as the shrimp ****tails. He opened the wine…and let it breathe.

    When she came into the living room, Ja’kadric froze in his tracks. Not only did she do the robe justice…she didn’t bother tying the belt, letting it flap open. He noticed that the panties fit her curves, nicely…and, after years of dancing, her breasts were as perky now as they had been when he first met her.

    When he regained his composure, he said, “right this way, ma’am.”…leading her into the dining room.

    Now, it was her turn to be surprised. She thought that, after seeing the lingerie…and knowing how long it had been, that he’d want to get her in bed as quick as possible. Yet, seeing the food, she realized that it wasn’t just about sex.

    Her heart fluttered.

    As they ate, feeding each other and enjoying the music…they talked about the past, both apologizing profusely. Until Jana said;

    “Baby, it’s been a very long time. I don’t want to wait any longer. Can we take this party into your bedroom?”

    Ja’kadric stood…taking her into his arms. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

    “Ja’kadric, I know it’s been a long time. It has for me, as well. Let’s just take it one step at a time……are you okay?”

    “Yes, I’m fine. I just don’t want to rush it. I want to savor every moment.”

    “Ja’kadric, I’m sorry but can we savor it, tomorrow? Tonight, I wanna have sex. I want to feel you deep within me…pounding away. Is that okay?”

    Ja’kadric smiled. That was exactly what he wanted…but didn’t know how to say it. It still amazed him that women were so more open with their wants than men.

    “As always, my aim is to please.”

    When they arrived at the office, the next morning…together…there was a round of applause. It seemed the office staff was waiting to see how long it would take before what was obvious to them became obvious to him. They even wagered to see who came closest to the date.

    Regina called Sidney to inform him that his plan had worked. The two were a couple, once again.

    When Sidney stopped by, he called them into his office. His first question; “So, when is the wedding?” When they stopped laughing, Sidney became serious. “Ja’kadric, I know what you’ve been through…and it hasn’t been easy. At times, I wondered if you would hold true to your promise to leave the street life behind you.

    Jana, you’ve been hurting just as long as Ja’kadric have. You weren’t incarcerated but that didn’t lessen your pain…because you were separated from the man you love. I know you’re both wondering why I called you here, so, I’ll come right to it. Ja’kadric, this is a bill-of-sale for this company. Because I believe a man should head up his home…and be the primary bread winner, I’ve listed you as sixty percent owner of the company.”


    “Hold up. Let me finish. Jana, because I feel a woman should work beside her man, I’ve listed you as a forty percent, co-owner. The buy out price is one dollar. Do you wish to purchase this company?”

    “Yes!” They respond in unison.

    “But, Sidney,” Ja’kadric asked, “what about you…and why are you doing this?”

    “You don’t remember me, not really, but I was one of the guys who jumped into the dumpster with you…when you first became a West Side Jaguar. I left town soon after that. Anyway, I made a promise that I’d repay you someday. That ten year stretch you did…that could have been me. Worse still, with the attitude I had back then, I probably wouldn’t have come out…alive.

    As it is…I’ve done okay.

    I invested the money I made on the streets…and made out big. When I heard you’d been arrested, I set up this place for you.”

    “Why? You didn’t owe me anything.
    You all took me in.
    You treated me better than my people did.
    I’m the one who owes you.”

    “If that’s true, then you’ve repaid me ten times over. When I heard about you and Dana, I set this plan in motion to get you back together. I hope you don’t mind. You see, I think people who love each other should be together. And you two love each other. Everyone could see that. That’s why no one bothered you back then…they could respect the love you have for each other. Not only that. You two came from the bottom…and became model citizens. I respect that. Just consider this a reward for all you’ve accomplished…all the hard work you put in.

    “Sidney, I don’t know what to say,” said Jana. “I know you were interested in seeing us together but I didn’t know it ran this deep. Besides, I didn’t know you were aware of US when we were together…and I don’t know why that didn’t click when you first asked about Ja’kadric.”

    “I always kept up with Ja’kadric. So, I knew when the two of you hooked up. When Ja’kadric was sentenced, I was there. I heard what your mouth told him…but I saw what your eyes were saying to him. After Ja’kadric was taken away, my suspicions were confirmed.”


    “As you sat there, crying, I over heard you saying that you’d made the biggest mistake of your life…and, you vowed, to God, to wait for Ja’kadric. You also asked God to look over him and see him safely home.”

    “Jeez, I guess you were there…since that’s the only place I’ve ever uttered those words.”

    “When we talked, why didn’t you tell me that?” Ja’kadric asked.

    “I didn’t wanna interfere. You two had to get to this point on your own. You had to realize that she was the one. Anyway, I’ll call a staff meeting for tomorrow…and announce the change in ownership…unless you feel otherwise.”

    “No.” said Ja’kadric.

    “No.” said Jana.

    “Okay, then. If you’ll ride with me, I’ll show you where your offices are located.”

    “Ride with you?”

    “Yes…ride with me.” Sidney beamed. “Your offices are located down town…on the top floor of the Ivory Tower Complex. It’s across the hall from mine.”


    Once he put anger aside, and succumbed to his true feelings, they reverted back to their pre-prison relationship of…long conversations…wonderful laughter…treasured moments of togetherness…picnics in the park…Friday afternoon movies, followed by dinner…Saturday evening dinners, followed by dancing…etc…etc…etc. They had always loved each other. Now, they could openly express that love.

    Six months later, they were married.
    Ten months after that, twins were born. Ja’kadric Jr. and Jana Jr.

    Ja’kadric vowed to be as good a parent to his kids as his parents had been to him…before their tragic demise.


    “Yes, Jana.”

    “We’re an information Systems Management Company, right?”

    “You know we are, honey…what’s your point?”

    “Why don’t we write sellable software? I mean, we could create some children’s games…some non-violent, acceptable games. Have you seen some of the games kids are playing, today? Do you want the twins exposed to so much violence, and such, at their tender age?

    “You know, that’s not a bad idea. I’m sure the guys at work would love to work on something a little more interesting, for a change. As an incentive, we could cut them in for a percentage of the gross. Better yet, we could open a new company…move the existing employees into that company…make them partners…and hire temps to run the old company. What do you think of that?”

    “I think it’s great. When can we start?”

    “How about, right after fiscal year end…around mid October. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll bring the old employees back to their current positions…and get rid of the temps. If it works out, we can make the temps permanent employees.”

    “What should we call this new company?”

    “Oh, I don’t know…maybe, J & J Concepts…or something like that.”

    ~ Epilogue ~

    The streets…raised him…molded him into the man he has become.
    There were bumps and bruises along his travels.
    There were heartache and pain that nearly drove him insane…as it taught him how things were to be.

    For Ja’kadric, the streets had been a learning tool…much the same as parents are. They—the streets—taught him pain and sorrow…to survive…to roll with the punches…to enjoy the fill of life…and, finally, to take a life. Not only did the streets teach lessons, it gave out degrees in survival, communications, first aid, and business management.

    Prison was his university. While there, he learned a trade…matured into a man…to responsibility for his life. Once he had graduated, he moved on…to bigger and better things.

    What did that translate into?


    In the end, the streets taught him to love, wholeheartedly…without reservation. Meaning that, if you love someone, you love them regardless of their past…their bad habits…their future prospects. You love them because they ARE…or, you love her because she IS…or, you love him because he IS. It doesn’t matter why you love them, YOU DO. It doesn’t matter what that IS is, you just love them.

    There is much we have to go through…to get to where we need to be.

    Pleasant journey.

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Baller!!!!! Man this is shows that one can rise to the top even with such a disappointing past. It also shows that two who are destined to be together will be together no matter the obstacles...This piece here should show others that nothing is impossible and no dream is out of reach as long as you have the mind to acheive.....

    The Bishop has spoken
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    Sixburgh, Pa.
    This was an enjoyable story And
    I agree with everything Bishop stated. :)

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    the near north
    Bishop, as a people, we know adversity...we live with it daily. there isn't anything we can't handle...therefore, there is nothing we can't do...if we want to. our problem is that we don't know what we want to do. as a result, we do nothing. but, one day....


    Coco, remember that free time i had during OUR project...well, this is where it went.:)

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    indeed this show much depth of life and what can be done