Black Spirituality Religion : SURVIVAL OF THE SOUL

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    For your soul to learn as much as you can your soul and spirit has to survive and retain its strength to receive the most intellect(wisdom from the Gods).

    So when you lose your job think about your souls survival and your spirit and oversoul(cover angels) will show you in the right direction. What are you going to do extra good for your soul today now that you are no longer working. It could have been in danger with greed catching up to you. True Pan Africanists should be able to feel when this type of thing is trying to catch you. It is the devil be it Jesus, Lucifer, Zeus, or some other identity.
    I used a job as one example. There could be many when this capitalist society has let you down. Survival of the soul is #1. You are at stake and your family. If your soul is downgraded from mental junk it effects what you do. What you do effect others around you.