Black People : Survey: Almost Half of Dads Would Be Mr. Mom

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    By Richard Castellini, Senior Career Adviser for

    Trading in power lunches for PB&J and Wi-Fi for the Wiggles, four-in-ten working dads say they would stay at home and assume the role of Mr. Mom if their spouse or partner earned enough to support their families, according to's “Working Dads 2006” survey. Fed up with the struggle to balance work and home, 44 percent of working dads say they are willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.

    What's keeping dad away from the kids? Heavy workloads and demanding schedules are to blame: three-in-ten working dads say they spend less than two hours per day with their children after work; one-in-ten spend less than one hour; and 40 percent of working dads report they bring home work at least once a week.

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