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    Why would you want to surf the Internet anonymously anyway? First of all, not everyone is "up to no good" on the net. The fact is, your ip address is being used to track and record your web activity. If you go to:, and click "your current location" link at the bottom, you will get the information most websites can record. The internet is a wide open public forum as it is. It is fair that we should be spied on too? is a website that is trying to give people an advantage, I hope. While you can use this site to "browse the web anonymously" there's no telling if the people at proxify are just another part of the act. So far, I've had positive results with it. Positive meaning, my ip address is blocked from sites like yahoo, google others that get paid to track our whereabouts.

    Then there's software for the job in question, like "Hide IP Platinum" it doesn't seem to work as promised. Yes, it does hide your ip, but not for every site, every time. I used and sometimes my ip is different, sometimes its the same. Its a mystery why that is, so far the reviews say it just doesn't work.

    If you are doing peer to peer sharing of music or media files, you may want to download a handy piece of software called: "PeerGuardian"- the fact is, there are many companies out there still not happy with the idea of peer to peer sharing. Back in the day, you could borrow someone's music on cassette tape, copy it on a blank and no one gave a ****...maybe because the quality wasn't as good as an mp3, and it couldn't be distributed to millions of people within a few hours...oops, that's their bad for creating the technology.

    Furthermore, music companies have been robbing the public for decades, I don't recall anyone getting any refunds for those MilliVanilli albums. Artists need to get smarter too, stop signing deals with Whitey and get your own distribution. Anyway...downloading music will continue, lawsuits are not...but get PeerGuardian to protect your pc from those spying on your peer to peer connections. I.E- RIAA.

    If you're not doing anything illegal like trying to hack into the pentagon computers, selling bomb making tips to terrorists, or stalking children on myspace- you shouldn't have to worry about these companies using your ip address to track you. We live in an age where identify thief is the #1 crime in America. Being able to see a user's ip address might be good for chat or forum sites that display sensitive or controversial material, but overall your ip address can be used to generate a physical address, which most companies sell to others interested in your web habits.

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