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    SURELY BY THE TIME: Man Lost in Time & Place

    By Andre Austin

    The Muslim wrote in the Koran that the Jews and Christians had distorted the Time & Place of events in their Old & New Testament. The Koran gave no specifics or details of what events they were referring to which leads to speculations.

    The Koran:

    “It be among the Jews…They change the words from their right times And places” (Koran 5:44 or 4:46).

    Looking at some of the most important events in the Bible I would have to cite:

    Old Testament

    A. Noah’s flood (originally an Egyptian creation story changed to a repopulation story)

    B. The Exodus of Moses (Two Exodus stories by hundreds of years combined in one)

    New Testament

    A. The Birth of Jesus 6BC or 6AD?

    B. The Crucifixion of Jesus in 33AD or 66-70AD (Killed by Herod Pilate or Titus?)

    Because the Jewish scribes used a literary technique of writing Typology the Koran was enabled to level the charges of distortion of Time & Place. Typology is basing one character upon another. Typology uses prior events to provide form and context to create a new character in literature by repeating names, locations or concepts from one time frame to another. In other words when Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather (1972) , he made Marlon Brando a composite of several Italian gangsters. Likewise, as the story is told in the New Testament of Jesus is a composite of several figures both fictional and non-fictional. The writers of the Koran correctly detected this but it ended up backfiring on themselves in their own writings.

    Harold Leidner who wrote The Fabrication of the Christ Myth explored a link with Joshua of the OT with Jesus of the NT. He examined a Muslim tradition in the Koran which places Jesus and Mary in the same era as Moses, In other words, the Arabs believed that Jesus was Joshua, the prophet and Mary was Miriam his mother. I read a similar story in The True Authorship of the New Testament By Abelard Reuchlin p.24: The Koran 19:28 makes Mary (Jesus mother also the sister of Aaron who in fact was Moses brother. This confusion which made Jesus mother also Moses sister, if not inner-circle hinting, obviously erroneous. However, there are indications that the founders of Islam too had inner circle knowledge”. The confusion was due to the writing style of typology. All of this Typology history can be read in Caesar’s Messiah By Joseph Atwill.

    The New Testament was written by Romans who hated Christians and Jesus. The real Jesus was for the violent overthrow of the Roman Empire. The real Jesus isn’t included in the NT. The fake Jesus was based on Typology of OT figures pagan Gods and the Emperor Titus military campaign is the bases for Jesus ministry as a parody. No one ever thought that the best way to hide the Anti-Christ was to hide him right in your face in the New Testament. The fact remains that Titus Caesar fooled the Jews into calling him Lord without their knowing it by simply switching his name to Jesus by Typology-The great secret of Christianity.The jokes on us.