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May 25, 2013
In The Name Of Allah,​
Lord Of Thee Worlds…​

“Supreme Government/GOD’vernment…”

Government – The act, process or power of governing, esp. The control & administration of public policy in a political unit. 2. The office, function or authority of one who governs or of a governing body. 3. The exercise of authority in a political unit; Rule…

*Note: Being all exerts of such an word refers to the word governing, I think it would only be right, and exact, we also do the knowledge to the word, “governing”, and then we shall further build on…

Governing – 1. To make & administer the public policy and affairs of; exercise sovereign authority in. 2. To control the speed or magnitude of; regulate. 3. To control the actions or behavior of.
{The American Heritage Dictionary( 2nd College Ed. ) }

Peace, Now, lets take a look at an exert from the Supreme Dictionary, the dictionary of the N.G.E.( Nation of Gods’ & Earths… ). For in order to proceed any further with and in this lesson, it’s would almost be impossible to Cee Supreme Government, or God’vernment in government without the ability and process of ceeing or perceiving people or things for who or what they truly are. Of course that is an exert from the Supreme Alphabets, the understanding degree, Cee or see. In order to understand or Cee the purpose, and meaning of this degree, C-E-E you MUST! The compelling factor to why I am creating this degree is to add clarity and understanding to an application of the third eye( Cee ) ability. The application was applied to the word “government”, which when taken through the ability and process of the third eye translates to “God’vernment.” Which when defined by the chosen, true, few and living, means;
GOD’vernment – The force or authority which creates and enforces the structure or rules, which govern and regulates the affairs of specified area or body.
Many have shun, argued, debated, denied and attacked this supreme translation, for various reasons( i.e. ignorance, fear, hatred, envy, jealousy, personal, malice, etc… ) and some with, and for no reason at all( Again, ignorance… ). It’s important that any and all understand “God’vernment” is not, will not be, government!!! Rather, God’vernment is the force and power that keeps the assembly in compliance or accord to that which is, and that which suppose to be. Such structure is made manifest and exercise as so CEE fit.
Keeping in mind, the universe, the solar system would be one big mess, had it not been for Law & Order!!!( GOD’vernment!!! ) Just imagine if Earth said, “I don’t want to travel 1,037 1/3 miles per hour…” or Uranus declared, “I refuse to be the 7th planet from the Sun!…”, or Mecury made manifest, “ I am no longer 36,000,000 miles from the Sun!” Just imagine… Just as each planet has it’s part, power, role, and purpose, so do we!!! As many a wise has made manifest, “ As it is above, so be it below,,” or “As it is in the heavens, so shall it be on earth…” Or as we the Nation of Gods’ and Earths say, “ Allah is God, in the heavens above, and the Earths below.”
In this Nation, it’s incumbent that every ONE!!!( Exempting No ONE!!!) knows and understand, that in this Nation( N.G.E.( Nation of Gods’ & Earths’!!!)) you as well as me, DO NOT DO WHAT WE WANT!!!, rather we do WHAT MUST BE DONE!!! Sure there are those who can and will go disaccording. Which is how and when JUSTICE is applied and justified – Justice, a reward or penalty for ones ways, actions and choices… That is when and where GOD’vernment is needed, required and applied. There is No one, nor no thing, that is beyond or greater than the “GOD’vernment”!!! The God’vernment is here to administer, any and all necessary acts, processes or powers to implement, or maintain order in any given cipher, in or under such authority. As well, and foremost to establish and protect the soundness and integrity of this Nation here, and there! God’vernment is just as new, as “Law and Order’s date of birth is 2011( 15,096 )!!! Emphatically Now-Cipher!!! God’vernment consist of an assembly or unit of agreement, as well an administration/body, which is broken down in various parts( i.e. Elders, Secretary, Security, Legal, Established Reps, Delegates, Food & Clothing Sources, Supreme Investigator, Education, Communication, Nutrition & Health Advisors, etc… ) remaining forever ONE!!!
Those who oppose, or understand not what God’vernment is, or it’s need everywhere!!!( Exempting No Where!!! ) No One!!! )) need to do the knowledge to, ‘What We Teach…” as well, “What We Will Achieve…” especially by teaching that which has been shown and proven to be our foundation, our mission and established truth. To learn such and teach such each and every day, in each and every way. Law and Order is not only synonymous to God’vernment, but as well the very foundation upon which our science of life resides and rest. Supreme Mathematics is the Law and order of the universe, this is the science of my, and hopefully your way of life Islam, which is Peace!!! So in accord with such the order of the day is not only “Supreme Mathematics”, “Law & Order”, but also, “GOD’vernment!!!”

*Note: Though the author of this degree is originally, birth and raised, from Now Why. Presently, residing in Allahs’ Garden, and have been for almost a decade. Doesn’t take away or restrict such to those areas. For such is true and applicable at All Times, Every where, to every one… Regardless to whom or what, when or where, how or why, each and every day, in each and every way.( Excluding No One!
No Place!! No Thing!!! )

Peace!( Proper Education Always Corrects Errors! )

Made Manifested By; Application Latik Seymou Allah( 15,096 )

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