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Feb 28, 2007

The All African People's Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) is an African-led organization established to partner with progressive African organizations worldwide in order to initiate development projects which improve the quality of life of African people by making use of the technical expertise of Africans everywhere. By working to positively impact on the lives of African people through increased access to clean water and electricity, nutritious food, decent sanitation, healthcare and the like, AAPDEP seeks to contribute to its partner organization's efforts to organize the masses of African people into a process that will forward the social transformation necessary to end once and for all the suffering and poverty which has been imposed on Africans throughout the world.

AAPDEP organizes the highly trained and skilled sector of the African population whose expertise has historically served the colonial governments wherever they are located to instead use their skill to transform the dismal condition of Africa and African communities the world over. It is designed to train and empower Africans where its projects are implemented to maintain and duplicate the programs that are developed. This approach to our work puts African people on a trajectory toward self-determination and is in complete opposition to the charity model adopted by most other organizations.

AAPDEP's technical volunteers are known as the African Corps of Engineers, Scientists & Healthcare Workers (ACESH). ACESH members are Africans based throughout the world who commit their time, expertise and resources toward addressing the technical questions associated with AAPDEP projects.

AAPDEP is calling on all those who unite with our mission to donate to our current development projects in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone!

AAPDEP to Build Well for Farm Irrigation in Zimbabwe!

Country: Zimbabwe
Location: Southern Africa
Start Date: November 2007 (Phase 1: Resource Development & Project Design)
Summary: AAPDEP has taken on a project to construct a 50m deep borehole (pressurized well) for irrigation of a 25-acre section of farmland owned by the Ujamma Youth Farming Project in Gweru, Zimbabwe.
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Clean Water for African People in Sierra Leone!

Country: Sierra Leone
Location: West Africa
Start Date: January 2008 (Phase 1: Project Assessment & Community Training in Sierra Leone)
Summary: AAPDEP's African Corps of Engineers, Scientists & Healthcare Workers will build community-sized rainwater harvesting systems in the capital, Freetown, as part of its "Clean Water for African People" Campaign that is working to improve the amount and quality of water accessible to Africans in Sierra Leone.
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Community Health Workers Training in Sierra Leone

Country: Sierra Leone
Location: West Africa
Start Date: January 2008 (Phase 1: Onsite Project Assessment, Trainee Identification & Community Meetings)
Summary: AAPDEP is organizing African doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to travel to Sierra Leone in order to implement a community health workers program that will train local Freetown residents to treat and prevent waterborne diseases.
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Community Farming Project in Sierra Leone

Country: Sierra Leone
Location: West Africa
Start Date: January 2008 (Phase 1: Project Assessment, Initial Land Clearing & Community Meetings)
Summary: AAPDEP's African Corps of Engineers, Scientists & Healthcare Workers Agricultural Team will turn a large plot of land in Lungi, Sierra Leone into a community farm that will produce onions, groundnuts and maize for community consumption and sale.
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Visit to donate online.

Or send check/money order for "AAPDEP" to:
AAPDEP, P.O. Box 454, Normal, AL 35762

Volunteers also needed:


Contact AAPDEP:
256-489-8715 • PO Box 454, Normal, AL 35762


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