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    A Supernatural Thing To Ponder;
    A Garden of Eden

    But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.
    [ST LUKE 2:19] ​

    The year 1994 was a very historical year for me. During the month of April, I remember the terrible news break about genocide occurring all the way across the ocean in Rwanda. But it later became suppressed due to other breaking news that occurred that year in America such as a celebrity marriage in the month of May and then a celebrity murder in the month of June. And my own personal experiences that year still causes me to ponder, to wonder, about my total purpose. I’ve already written about this one experience in my third book of my series in a section I call ‘Think on These Things’ and would like to share a little about it today as I have thought upon it once again to some degree.

    One morning at the beginning of the week, my husband came into our trailer after working a twelve hour night shift at his job and I was sitting at the table feeding my babies their breakfast. Just as he sat down on the edge of the bed, in the flash of a moment, I was given an incredible message from the Almighty God, himself. The best way that I can describe this occurrence would be as if someone was taking a picture using a flash camera. It was as if someone clicked the button and in that flash of a moment, a whole message was conveyed. . . . In the flash of a moment . . .. Immediately before I could even think about it, I told my husband what was said. I said to him, “Guess what!? I was just told by God that by the end of this week my husband would be fired and that we will be evicted from this trailer park! And then he said for me to go to Mr. Bob; Now. He’s one of mine.”

    Well, I watched my husband earlier as he walked into our trailer and sat down and I saw his usual look when he came in from working the long hours of a night shift job. His eyes looked glossed over. And when I told him the news he didn’t seem alarmed, I suppose, because he was just too tired to even care. He said, “Oh no, not again.” Then his eyes rolled up, he fell back on his pillow and in moments, he was snoring. I sat there stunned for a little while and thought to myself, ‘What if this is true and I disregard it?’ At that moment and for months, we had received no warnings from the landlord and no warnings from his job so, how can this be true? However, we were living from paycheck to paycheck and if we were fired and evicted, where else could we go on such short notice? So then, I decided to do just what I was told. I asked my friend to keep my babies and with in an hour of receiving this message, I left my husband sleeping, got in my car and headed for the Health Department. I filled out an application for assistance, was interviewed and within an hour received approval. Then I left the Health Department and headed to see Mr. Bob at the previous park we first resided at after leaving our apartment complex.

    I remember the first day that we came to this park and I met Mr. Bob, the park ranger who lived on the park campgrounds permanently. I was distraught and told him what this government had done to my husband and he gave me soothing words. He was so calm and encouraging. So I decided that I liked being around him and soon after, I began to look for him every morning. When my husband went to work in the mornings on his rotating day shifts, I’d put one baby in the stroller, the other one on his tricycle and we’d go looking for Mr. Bob. When my husband would come from work, he too liked being around Mr. Bob and spending time with him. That campground was like a paradise to me. I remember feeling like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. I woke up in the woods and with green trees, flowering trees all around me. In the morning, I loved to hear the birds chirping, the ducks quacking and the sound of the river. The smell of the wild flowers, the grasses and the smoke coming from campfires, made me want it to be eternal. But a couple of months later, we had to leave to find a more permanent arrangement. We moved to a large trailer park and other than us, there was one other African American trailer occupant who lived there. After almost two years though, I was on my way back over to see Mr. Bob, the park ranger, a tall, older white man, who loved to wear blue jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I parked my car, took a deep breath and went into the office. And when he saw me, he rushed over to me and hugged me before I could even speak. Finally I told him that we might need to find another place to stay and wanted to know if we could come back. He assured me by saying that we could come back and stay as long as we wanted to stay and were allowed. So when I returned to my trailer, it was only about three hours later in the afternoon and my husband was still fast asleep. By the weeks end, my husband came into our trailer in the morning and appeared totally shocked and bewildered as he told me the news. He said that he was abruptly terminated from his job. And right afterwards, we had a knock on our trailer and when we opened the door, we were handed an eviction notice that stated that we had one week to leave.

    The company gave no initial warning. No verbal or no verbal written warning was given to my husband. One main excuse given was that he had no telephone and no way to be contacted for on-call job assignments, only he was never required to be on-call in all the years that he had worked there. So weeks later and as a result of protocol meetings, he was offered his job back. In regards to the trailer park, we were told that the main reason for our eviction was because we had a car up on blocks and this was against the rules. I remember how kind some of the women had been and how they came around to give me gifts and words of support that week. Some expressed the reasons why they thought we endured unfair treatment in regards to the rules. It took many years later before we accepted truths concerning other revelations behind the actions taken against us and, I figure that if God Almighty wanted us to know it at that time, he would have told us. Offenses must come but woe to the offender. At any rate, we left. And once we arrived at our first campground, Mr. Bob told us that just after I had left a week prior, the manager of the previous trailer park actually came to warn him about us. He told us of the choice words he used to send her away. Later too, Mr. Bob came to us and told us that another adversary came to see him and threatened him that if he did not evict us he would suffer harm. Once again, Mr. Bob told us of the choice words he used to send them away. And so after this time of trouble, my second return to this glorious ‘Garden of Eden’ (Guarded Den of Eden) seemed more peaceful than the first.

    After certain family members decided to help us we were finally able to move into a house towards the end of the summer but, ever so often, I would ask my husband to take me back to see Mr. Bob. I remember once when he sighted me from a great distance while he was on a golf cart, Oh!-- how he revved the engine and sped. Soon he just jumped off the cart, ran over and hugged me. And then one day when I returned, I was given the news that he had died... He was in his eighties. Because I needed closure, I asked the new park ranger could I have any information about him so that I could give my condolences. When I called his family, I was told that he died suddenly and did not suffer long. A woman on the phone also offered to tell me how frustrated his family had been with him because she said, he had a girlfriend, a young black girl. Uh Oh.

    I heard from others at the park rangers office that her name was Anne. However, I was surprised that this information was told to me over the phone by Mr. Bob’s relation. I’ve been told on several occasions that my voice betrays my cultural background because I was first raised in the northeast. But I wonder if she even cared if I too was black. However, the woman continued to rant and rave of how disgusted she was with Mr. Bob. She explained how the black girl stayed with him until his last days and how they had to make sure that Mr. Bob’s retirement did not go to ‘that girl’. Finally, I said that I was sorry to hear that. Then I said that I will miss him but I was glad to hear that he went quickly. After all of these years, I still ponder about that supernatural event of my life and its total purpose. Just like Mari’s experience, I am the sole witness to the message that was given to me. And others, like Mari’s husband Joseph, could only regard the circumstantial evidences that surround the birth of Jesus. Joseph knew that he was not the biological father, he knew the baby was born under a phenomenal advent of a moving star, he knew that shepherds came to the barn rejoicing about the event and that this was not a common affair. But the holy conception was Mari’s own personal experience. When the spirit utters, when the spirit moves inwardly, who can attest?


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    I'm always interested in such stories....they are quite fascinating. If you have others, please do share. Thanks!