Black Short Stories : Sunny in the rosegarden (part 4)

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    social worker...
    .......he cry,s cause she still doesnt open up......
    and bill sais "'how could i be so stupid..."' "' and put his hand on his head and turns away from her walking back and fort......
    stops and sais...
    ""it to late now ...huh "" bill sais.....
    He cry,s ...and cry,s....

    Than suddenly She Opens up..and Gk sais "' Look"'..."'
    bill Reponds emediatly and says "'sweety sweetY! ...
    Gk sais ""she was sleeping" ""or she was doubding........... see if she would give you another change"" ..
    Billy takes her and thanks Gk a thousand times and sais "'I will treat her better ....this time i will take care of her ..."' ""i have learned my lesson""
    "'i swear"' ....
    [GK] "" you dont swear me ....and you dont have to....""
    "'let youre words be valurable "' "'you will trouble yourself if you do this again...""
    Than he jump out of the garden like tigertje .and these times the jumps were higher than before... and he screams while he almost dissapears out of the gate...""and i wont forget to thank you everyday.!!!! and this time you wont see me back again...!!!!..

    On a distance Gk saw sunny looking at all that was happend.....
    Gk walked over to him .......and said ""a aha sunny son ....i see you were observating the whole case.... "'
    "'yeah ....(scratching his head) a lot happens in here .........i learn a lot in here "'
    [GK] "" GOOD"".......


    [GK] "'have you found youre rose yet ......?""

    "'' "'

    ""actually i was to bussy with working and taking this all in from what i see and learn here...""

    [GK] "'mm"'


    [GK] "' i understand my son.....

    and like i said take youre time....""

    Than gk walked away and sunny looked at him while he was walking away.....and thought < he is cool>
    <i wonder if he has a favorit rose??>
    Than the next moment sunny saw a man come walking in the garden
    he noticed a verry interesting walk.....
    he asked the man ...."'can i help you ?"" ""hi my name is Frederique ,hi but you can call me Fredee "'' Sunny responded suprised and said ""'ok"'
    Fredee was holding his arms around eachother ....and than pointed at one of the flowers with his Pointing vingers and after he asked his question he kept it under his chin.... "'mmmm i was just looking around ....."" "' thats ok..."'
    Than fredee walked around and than walked over to sunny again and said ...
    "" Do you have any plants ??"' "" i,m kinda like more in to tha know ""......

    Sunny kinda frowned and said......"" no i ...only roses .....

    as fredee responded verry quick and short "" Ok BYE "" and turned hisself around and walked away.......and at the gate he waved ""bye bye"'

    Than sunny shaked his head and said "'jee""
    he laught and continued his work..
    After an hour he walked trough the garden and kept looking at the roses..
    and see if he would find one he would like.
    Than he ran in to Don ....who was still standing with his rose looking at it...
    Hi how are you doing bro .......?
    Don didnt respond.
    "'mm I SAID HI HOW ARE YOU DOING DON "" ... (lol)
    [D] "' oh i,m sorry bro..........hey you know me by now ...just comunicating with her doing my meditation you know.......'''
    ""m ,you can say that yeah...forgetting the whoole world around you ""
    [D] ""wait until you find youre rose you be talking different ya know what i,m saying "'
    "' kee .....but how long are you going to stand there ....DON?""
    "'she wont open up""
    "' have you tried others...? "'
    [D] "' yes"'
    "'have others tried ?"'
    "' strange "'?
    [D] "' You wanna try ?"'
    "'like i said ...beautifull but not for my eye"'
    [D] "'in my eye she is everything .perfect ,beautifull .......
    its just ""gods time "" i always kept that in mind ....

    and on that moment he spoke those words ""she opend up""

    [D] "" I knew it ! i knew it ! i knew It!.....there you are sweety !
    there was this joyfull happy smile on Dons face that made him glow as sunny watch him with a twinkle in his eye having so much joy and said "'well its youre lucky day bro......i,m happy for ya"" "' you deserve have been so paitient ...
    [D] "" I just knew it in my soul without a doubt.. "" than gk came walking up to them...and said "" he is right she wasnt full grown ""
    [GK] "'but don did sumthing wrong to "'
    don looks away from his flower and looked at gk after he was in a trance with his rose.....and responded "" Huh what? what ?"' ..."'what did i do"'
    [Gk] In the mean time while she was growing You could have helped me in the garden ......
    You could have helped sunny Guiding the man in the garden....
    and that would have gived sunny more time now and than to look around for his rose ..."'
    ......ohh its ok no problem......but ..ww wwhat is y time up i have to leave now ? huh? "'
    [GK] "' no sunny trying to make a point to him.""


    [D] don smiled and said ....""youre right Gk ....."'and walked over sunny and putted one arm over his shoulder and said "' this nice man deserves a beautifull Rose to "'

    [GK] "'and the other man needed guidance was a chaos sumthimes in the garden saw how sunny was running around "'

    "' he one time triped over a rake........o no.....i think he stepped on rake
    and it hit him in his face....thats why his nose is swollen havent you noticed it?"'

    "'you saw that! .....Gk.."'

    [GK] "'i see everything"'

    [D] "" LOL .... sunny boy"'
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    BUSINESS owner
    very nice story u really bringing it
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    Spreading Joy.... need some?
    Sixburgh, Pa.
    The concept is awesome!
    the second chance and lessons
    taught and learned are wonderful.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

    It would be a great story for young men
    to read before entering a relationship.
    in fact, young women could learn from it
    as well.

    I look forward to reading more short stories
    from you.

    Thanks for sharing such a delightful story.
    bravo! :toaste:

    feelin'it souldeep!
    Coco :heart:
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    social worker...
    thank you coco that was also the purpose of this story and rich..

    but the story is not finished ...

    (i just wanted to remind you this is not a personal story , i

    no if i could would write my story or movie or life it would be more beautifull
    and with a lot of beautifull love making in it know what i mean..
    and also with a lot of more beautifull colours and a lot of chocolate and icecream in it and nice food..............

    you know what i mean....

    Love libertylady:heart:
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    high school student
    :read: :read: :read: :wave: I'm loving this story had to go back and read the rest lol it's mah-velous :wink: