Black Short Stories : Sunny in the rose garden.... (part 1)


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Aug 24, 2002
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Sunny in the rose garden (part 2)


So sunny was silent and this big frown came on his face...

[GK] ""and you can not forget me other wise i forget you.... when you
have a rose..""

sunny was still silent......

after a long silents...god said..

[GK]You know while you are thinking can come and maybe work for me.. i need some help in the garden and by the way i said that you can take youre time to search for a long as you want....sunny smiled and said..


And so sunny spends day,s and night in the garden....
He becomes gods gardener in the garden he does good work..
and get to know more about how everything works....

One day sunny walks trough the garden....and sees a man bob holding a flower but the flower doesnt open up....
Than another man bill comes and stands next to bob....and say,s can i try...?
But than bob says ""I WAS FIRST"' on wich bill responds ""but she doesnt open up"' Than bill responds drastic "'but she is Mine"" and they almost started fighting.....
Sunny jumps in between and says...""Guys know the golden Rulls? don ya"' Right?? than lord answers ""RIGHT!""
And they both calmed down...
than sunny says besides that ..if its gods will...""there is a rose for every man"" Than bill says to sunny.....""dont you wanna give it a try"'
and sunny responds and says....""no i give bill his time.....and uhh she is a beautifull rose butta not for my eye...."'

A day later sunny sees bill jumping out of the garden happy holding a beautifull rose in his hands.....and sunny screams after him..""GOOd Luck and remember the golden rulls....""
Next day sunny walks trough the garden and there are a lot of man walking around....and sunny says to the lord ""its crowdy today lord!"" as lord responds and says.."'Yes sunny a lot of work to do"" ..
Sunny helps around a lot and becomes a good gardener and separates the man and helps them to remind the golden rulls ...teaches them...and shows them around...
He also helps the lord with planting some roses back into the ground....
At night he watches the roses as they shine by the moon.....
the next day bill comes back and says hi to sunny...and sunny says...
""Bill what are you doing here?"" as he responds and say,s ""oh ya know Just checking out some flowers "" ""What !!! sunny responds"" "'were is youre flower !!?,say,s sunny""
at ....uhh home bill responds ..Sunny gets mad and says....""you should be
ashamed of yourself!!!

[GK] ""Yes ! show her to me...

To be continued........

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