Black Spirituality Religion : Sunni Creeds True Or False Part One

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    I will prove to you beyond a shadow of a Doubt , That the many different creeds of Islaam , A 1,400 year old religion , That you as muslims follow , live by , and die for , are Basically Man - Made Laws , Beliefs , Principles , Opinions , that are just plain foolish , And can't befound anywhere in Your Koran , Your So- Called Holy Book . It's all telepathic jargon . What most of you don't realize is that basic religious Creeds, Stem from some person , like Abdullah Yusuf Ali , Who has his own Version of The Koran , or A group of persons, like The Sunni Muslims, Who inflict their Man - Made Laws , Principles And Opinions upon Millions of people , out of Envy and Greed , This Breeds Self - Righteous Greedy and Envioushuman beings , Andleads people to Have '' Be Right '' Complexes , meaning , that they're all right and everyone else is Wrong . This Same Self - Righteous Attitude leads to Fighting , Stealing And Killing , As you have heard and seen happing , more frequently in The Media over the past year . Take A LQQK at The Millionsof people who have died because of wars , And Ninety Percent ( 90% ) of these wars , are Religious Wars . < IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME , CHECK IT OUT ! > Just take a look around ! This has been going on for hundred of years , Dating back to The Crusades , when The Arabs Conquered The Eastern Shore of The Mediterranean Sea in the 600's A.D. And The Christian wanted the land back . If its not The Arabs and The Christians , Then its the Arab and the Jews, Or The Serbs and the Croats , Where In The Month Of April , 1992 A.D. The Croats Bombed A Serbian Restaurant Which Caused . TheSerbian troops to Slaughter Civilian Croatian Muslims and take over The Town Of Beijeljina , Bosnia . The Serbs killed over 100 Muslims during the first week that the fighting began , The Serbians also help Croatian Muslims as Refugees in Detention Camps At Manjaca , In Bosnia . Or Its The Palestinians And The Israelis , or Muslim Terrorists , Who like to Blow up World Trade Centers and kill innocent human being . A similar incident happen In , Tel Aviv , Israel , In the month of November , 1994 A.D. A muslims TERRORIST , By the name of Salah Abdel Rahim Nazal Souwi , A 27 Year Old Palestinian , Got on A Bus , with 21 Innocent Passengers , Carrying a 22- lb package of TNT And blew himself and Everyone Else to Bits and pieces In The Name Of God Just To Make A Point To The Israelits ! All of this killing because all these Religions , Have What They Call '' The Truth '' ; And Everybody Else On The Planet , Who Does Not Accept Their Religion , The Exact Way That They Interpret It Or Prsecribe It , Is Wrong , And Their God Is Going To Send Them To Hell ! What is so Ironic is that you don't even have The Same God . So How Can You Say , That What Your God Says , Applies To The Whole World , Who May Not Even Recognize That Your God Exists ? And instead of letting your God do his Job , And send people to Hell for their Wrongs himself . You Have People The Sunnie Muslims Who Justify Killing And Fighting '' Infidels '' Or Unbeliever , As They Call Them , By Using Quotes Of Their Koran , Which Is Their '' Holy Book '' Yet The Koran Is So Holy , That It Permits Fighting And Killing ! Refer To Koran 9 ; 28 And I Quote ; '' Fight Those Who Believe Not In Allah '' Couldn't Allah Just Change Their Hearts To Him ?????
    Also In Koran 2 ; 191 , It States And I Quote '' And Slay Them Wherever Ye Catch Them .. And , This Is Exactly What The Muslims Did To Dr Rashad Khalifa Of Was A Muslims And Founder Of The Masjid Of Tucson Arizona , Who They Claim Was An '' Unbeliever . ( Dr Rashad Khaifa < Martyed > 1935 - 1990 A.D. > This is ridiculous , and these aret he kind of thoughts That are the cause of these wars ! Does Your '' God '' Condone Wars And The Merciless Killing Of Millions Of People , Who Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Conflicy Or The Circumstances That Led Up To Their Death ? Then , If You LQQK In Koran 61 ; 4 , It States , And I Quote In Part ''' Truely Allah Loves Those Who Fight In His Cause .. So These People Are Acting Fighting And Killing In The Name Of Allah !!! This Is Such Foolishness ! What Kind Of God Calls Himself '' As Salaamu = '' The Peace '' His 5th Attrbute , And Then Tells You To Kill For Him ? ! Your God '' Allah '' Constantly Contradicts Himself . Or Are You Misinterpreting What He Is Saying ? ! You Sunni AlwaysClaim To Be So Self Righteous , Yet You Kill Innocent People For Simply Not Believeing As You Believe !! Thats Just The Problem With These '' Creeds '' You Are Told To Be Holy And Righteous , In An Unholy And Unrighteous World ! You May Try To Say '' Well , I Becaome A Little Unrighteous When It's Necessary . '' There's No Such Thing As '' A Little Unrighteous . '' Either You Are All Righteous , Or Your're Not Righteous At All ! That's Like Saying '' All Of My Life , God Has Been With Me . Guiding Me Through Everything I Do '' And Then As Soon As You Do Something Evil . You Blame It On The Devil And Say '' The Devil Made Me Do It ! '' That's A Double Standard ! You Can't Go In Two Different Directions At The Same Time . It Just Doesn't Work That Way ! The Fact Of The Matter , Is That All Of This Is Religious Rhetoric And Propaganda . AndIf You Look Deep Into Religion And Religious Practices You Will See That They Have Been Diluted And Tamperred With , Whether You Like It Or Not !
    Al Quraan 17 ; 81 And I Quote .. And Say The Fact Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish :geek: :uzi: