Black People : Sundown Towns: a Hidden Dimension of Racism in America

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    Learn the other 'why's' that Shaquanda Cotton and too many of OUR 'other's' experience the continued injustice's that WE do.

    Bush is also from a 'Sundown Town' in Tx. And if WE resolve OURSELVES to do a little search...I'M sure WE'LL find that the vast majority of white politicians are from Sundown Towns. No. This is not conjecture but a contention applicable to fact. Most white politicians are raised in these Sundown Towns to be racist. Where was Ronald Reagan From? Where is Bob Dole from? (ect)

    ie; 'what's his name...the state senator from Georgia, who wants April to be 'Confederate History' Month in Georgia, by submitting such legislation.


    Sundown Towns: a Hidden Dimension of Racism in America
    Date: 03/28/2007
    From Maine to California, thousands of communities kept out African Americans (or sometimes Chinese Americans, Jewish Americans, etc.) by force, law, or custom. These communities are sometimes called "sundown towns" because some of them posted signs at their city limits reading, typically, "******, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You In ___."

    Some towns are still all white on purpose. Their chilling stories have been joined more recently by the many elite (and some not so elite) suburbs like Grosse Pointe, MI, or Edina, MN, that have excluded nonwhites by "kinder gentler means." When I began this research, I expected to find about 10 sundown towns in Illinois (my home state) and perhaps 50 across the country. Instead, I have found more than 440 in Illinois and thousands across the United States. This is their story; it is the first book ever written on the topic.

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