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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
I awaken wrapped securely in your arms
Feeling content to be safe from harm
Blessed to be loved for simply being me
Satisfied to allows things to just be
Yet even as I settle into your reassurance
My mental trys to form plan b insurance
The devil on my left whispers "what about the bad days"
But the angel affirms that is when she should pray
For a life without rain hasn't any appreciation of sunshine
Rainbows only appear after the storm is left behind
I have not arrived to where I think I ought to be
However I can testify that I have come far from the old me
Even in my imperfections I continue to chase his perfection
For I know that in seeking him I find my very direction
Assured that grace and mercy following me are sufficient
Graced for this life by the Almighty I am beyond proficient
For in my weakness Yahweh's strength is able to shine through
I'm naught but a broken vessels deem worthy to reflect His hue
Through the cracks in this shell of clay shines rays of his essence
Fire shut up in my bone till I genuinely radiate incandescent
For I was bought with a price they defies intellectual comprehension
One that I could never repay in a million years of grateful attention



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