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    One Step Away From Greatness
    Being Extra-Ordinary - Be, Do, Have​

    This is the time for us to take a collective step forward; in fact, it is absolutely necessary that we do so – NOW! Why? Because we are one step away from greatness. Destee.com is at the most critical juncture of its existance, either a cross-road or a turning point. What you decide to do after reading this will help determine whether this community will be here next week or next month.
    Everyone who has contributed to this community has invested a part of themselves in it. You have put some bricks in this cyber-institution’s foundation. You have helped create something original, something that has not ever existed before in the known world. Our parents couldn’t create it, because the technology didn’t exist in this form, but they created us and endowed us with the environment and the tools to become who we are. We have the responsibility to do the same for the next generation, for our off-spring, in spite of the fact that we have to fight and scratch for every nickel and dime to ‘survive’. I’ll repeat that. We have the responsibility to create and endow our children and our children’s children with the environment and the tools to become who they are supposed to become, so they can do what they’re supposed to do. And we have to do this despite whatever challenges life has presented us, whether they be financial, social, physical, spiritual or psychological. The future accepts no excuses.
    The immediate future for the Destee community holds such great promise, its almost frightening! We are on the threshold of some absolutely awesome adventures! Imagine coming on line to your community and finding a library of positive videos that you can watch or download to watch with others at home. Or viewing a live program of poetry, spoken word, prose and story-telling by our Brothers and Sisters from all over the world on our own special ‘Destee channel’. Or playing chess in the International Chess Center with some of our Master Players coaching teams and playing each other. Or attending classes working toward ‘degrees’ based on our own criterias, (nothing stops us from issuing our own Cyber Degrees in such areas as Advanced Global History Studies, International Oral Traditions, Cross Cultural Financial Literacies, Propanganda Decoding, etc). Can you imagine the pleasure of classes conducted by Brother PanAfrica, Aqil, Sun-Ship, River, Isiaah, PurpleMoons, James, Rita Mae, Destee and others on video-cam, where they can show video and news clips and texts and photos to illustrate their words. How about exclusive screenings of films by Black filmakers from around the world, that we watch and then engage the filmaker, the actors and technicians in forums and chats. Or having some of our best scholars and speakers visit in visual chats where we can soak up their knowledge and share ours with them. How about global geneological archives, where we can not only trace our family trees, but inter-connect with various branches of our families. How about being able to employ our own folks, where the moderators get paid, students can get scholarships to get the knowledge and bring it back to teach here, where we can get the expertise and capital to launch businesses, both on-line and in our terra-communities and having the wherewithall to get together in different cities for socio-economic functions, not having to worry about getting back to a j.o.b. (just over broke) because we have financial means. These are just a few things awaiting us, if we summon up the courage, reach beyond the moment and seize upon the time.
    How do we accomplish this? By BEING EXTRA-ORDINARY! If you want something, you have to ‘see’ it first, because you cant get what you cant visualize; if you want to accomplish something, you have to ‘become’ the person who CAN do it and then do it. Be, do, have. To ‘be’ extra-ordinary, we merely have to be ordinary people doing a little extra. When a group of ordinary people do a little extra together (collectively), they become extraordinary and accomplish great things! We are one step away from greatness, one step away from being able to leave not just a legacy, but a concrete institution with material substance for coming generations, one step away from a cyber-community like the world has never seen, like our people have never imagined! We are one step away from greatness, but we must embrace it, claim it and not be afraid of it. The power of greatness will not overcome us, for we have the wise ones among us, who will keep us on an even keel, teach us how to be humble with their examples of audacity, uplift our spirits and help us with the healing of our deeply wounded souls. We can do this, yall; we can take this step to greatness and know the brilliance of success! It is our time to do this; it is our right to do this; it is our have to do this. And we have to do it NOW! Join me in chat Sunday at 8PM ET so you can hear the plan and find out what the future of the Destee.com(munity) possibly holds for you!