Black People : summitt reaction

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    was any1 actually surprised that colen powell was boo d at the recent global summitt n south africa? as malcolm was fond of saying, 'of all our studies, history is best suited 2 reward our research'. a fundamental tenant of psychology is that past behavior is still the best predictor of future behavior. global intervention by europeans (yt people) is neither novel nor desirable. irrespective of the label he places on those he dispatches: explorer, missionary, discoverer, scientist, diplomat, mediator, or peacekeeper, u can b sure he is there 2 protect his own interest 1st & foremost, & he is not about 2 let the lives of the inhabitants, or the planet 4 that matter, stand n his way. his pattern of usurpation of land, wholesale commercial exploitation of all natural resources, enslavement/cultural effacement/genocide against the indigenous population is all too well documented 2 warrant any dispute of consequence.

    there is no continent upon which the yt man has set foot & established his dominance n which the indigenous people don t regret not driving this walking malediction and his avarice back n2 the sea from which he came. much more than merely a menace 2 society, his behavior is an affront 2 human nature.