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    Id like to suggest that we do away with the term "Entertainment" and instead give our artist the respect they deserve by labeling their efforts as what they really are.. Our expressions.. our strivings.. our struggles.. our aspirations have traditionally been viewed as "entertainment" for the dominant culture but these things are much more important to us.. for those reasons I propose we restructure the entertainment section..

    I suggest we create a major section entitled "The Arts.." with minor specific sections on Writing.. Music.. Film.. and one general section for other topics such as Dance.. Painting.. sculpture.. etc..

    Contained in much of African American Art are very very serious responses, commentaries, affirmations and testaments regarding who we are as a people, where we've been, where we're going.. or hope to go.. and the moniker "entertainment" has a way of minimizing the impact of what black folks made of our experience here in America.

    Aside from this deeper reason, their is also a very functional reason for the redefinition of the Entertainment section.. if I wanted, for example, to view all of the posts related to FILM, I could just pull up this section and cycle through all of the film related posts without having to dig through all of the other posts unrelated to my interest. Further.. if you were to have a coupe of major subcategories under the Minor categories of MUSIC such as GOSPEL, HIP-HOP, BLUES.. it would be even more user friendly.. so this long-winded suggestion has two benefits.. it provides a healthy and respectful context for the Artistic strivings of black people and also improves the user experience by providing a streamlined way to view & enjoy & learn from those strivings on
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    whew ... lol ... :lol:

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    no matter though ... i think that's what they call "left hand column" thinking ... that i put on the table ... :lol:

    i just aint learned how to do it right yet ... but please know ... I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU !!! :kiss:

    wonderful suggestions and give me a minute to compose myself, read this again, and implement ... :lol:

    I LOVE YOU ... for real ... and for real ... give me just a minute to implement ... :grouphug:

    I may have some questions, or it may need some tweaking after the fact ... so stay close ... :)

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