Sugars That Heal


Jan 30, 2001
"Sugars that heal" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it's the key to one of the most important breakthroughs in recent medical science. We've all been bombarded with warnings about the evils of consuming too much sugar. But, in fact, for our bodies to function properly, we need small amounts of EIGHT ESSENTIAL SUGARS, only two of which-glucose and galactose-are commonly found in our limited, overprocessed diets.

When all eight sugars are available, the health benefits can be astonishing: Individuals regain their ability to fight disease, reactivate their immune systems, and ward off infection. Based on cutting-edge research in the rapidly evolving science of glyconutrients, Sugars That Heal is an exciting new approach to health and disease prevention......(excerpt from Sugars That Heal)

More information regarding this technology can be found on my website or purchase the book, Sugars That Heal, Emil I. Mondoa.M.D & Mindy Kitei

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Jan 22, 2001
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Jan 30, 2001
Sugar on da body....

You are correct...too much of the WRONG sugar is BAD for da body. However, the sugar that I am referring to are eight specific 'monosaccharides molecules'. When supplied in the diet, they are called glyconutrients. These "uniquely" structured "sugar" molecules (not to be confused with table sugar) represent the alphabet for biological essence the language that your cells use to communicate. They are connected inside the cell in different orders to transfer different messages, much the same aswe arrange the letters of our alphabet to make different words. The use of these biological words is critical to the health and survival of every cell.

Of the required eight monosaccharides needed for cellular communication to occur, only two - glucose and galactose - are commonly found in the food we eat......hence the need for supplementation of the diet with glyconutritionals.

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