Black Poetry : Sugar *****

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    With all of the censoring, you can only imagine what I'm speaking of *hehehe* Don't let the language filters be too much of a distraction.

    SUGAR *****

    The way she deported herself, it almost seemed elitist
    It’s because she had that sugar, and I’m not talking about diabetes
    She had a certain ‘something-something’ accented by her feminine wiles
    That gets into my mind … and oft times beguiles
    Riling me to the point of lustful conventions to take her where she was
    Espoused and aroused to committed acts that exacts my ‘nasty nature’, just because
    Branding on my being the experience, like new every time
    Inspiring me to write on my favorite topic, this very rhyme
    She’s got that sweetness not gotten in sugar refineries
    So seductive was she, she couldn’t be considered a minor tease
    And like wineries she had the potential of being very intoxicating
    The catalyst of a base compulsion of which I wanted no inoculating
    I can’t help but say that sex with her, there were some notable takes here
    With a caramel flavored coochie more quotable than Shakespeare
    Hers was controlled sex … not shrug and pushy
    She hit a sweet spot in the core of my manliness with what I call her “Sugar *****”

    She had that Sugar ***** that I didn’t want to get up off me
    It was just as sweet as the sugar that sweetened my cup of coffee
    As we both perspired past our dew points to where our sweat fell like rain
    Her Sugar ***** made sweet love to my ‘sugar cane’
    Her cervix was the perfect cradle for my achieved erection
    That made for a sugar sweet **** that was nothing short of perfection
    The only corrections being when we paused to change position
    Fighting at the hip like a prisoner fighting extradition
    She had a hip-swivel-swerve that made me take notice
    Her swerve made my toes curl with her sugar … and I know this
    I was chained to the experience by the grunts that she made
    Committed to orgasmic culmination by her cuntal escapade
    We made sweet love until her love came down
    We ****** until she nutted, and in her pools I drowned
    I frowned with delight as I ejaculated sweet cum, to boast
    Caused by her Sugar ***** that she spread, like jelly on toast

    She had that Sugar ***** that effortlessly made the grade
    With a space warm and inviting, her sugar walls to invade
    Making love to my family jewels with her genatalial Jade
    And when she came … Sugar ***** nutted lemonade
    I felt her warm perennial ooze as her love came down
    With enough liquid to fill a small lake where I could potentially drown
    Lighting my candle of erogeny with her pulsating vaginal throb
    Oiling my man-handle with her juices, like buttering corn on the cob
    She ****** me up to the point where her fluids saturated her ‘knack’
    And right when she started cummin’, I ****** her right back
    I ****** her through her orgasm, actions to which I naturally resorted
    Giving her my ‘central digit’ as she queefed and she squirted
    This went on time and again, having repeated sexual revelation
    Our only intermissions to intercourse, a pause for private conversation
    This cycle continued with smooth transitions, minus any blunder
    And we came in and on each other until we settled into deep slumber

    She had that Sugar ***** with a will to assert
    And the way she put it on me it was sweeter than dessert
    It almost felt like destiny along the lines that fate went
    And the simply say she ****** me would be a gross understatement
    She fit her glove on my shaft and took control of the dick
    She danced like a highly animated flame dances on a candles wick
    Her ***** moved in forward sweeping motions and she bounced up and down
    She ****** me as if I were the last man in town
    She said softly “Cum for me daddy” … that made me all the more excited
    As she continued to scrub my penis with her ***** which left us both delighted
    Uttering obscenities that for the moment will remain un-cited
    While serving up passion – the likes of which would not go unrequited
    She exclaimed “CUM FOR ME DADDY!” as she ****** me to no avail
    ******* me like she was on the quest to find the Holy Grail
    I nutted as she kept my ‘needle pointing north’
    I grabber her by the small of her back as my seed sprang forth

    She had that sugar *****, sweeter than the sweetest fruit
    To say it another way, ‘baby gurl’ had a sweet *** ‘coot’
    Pretty and primed … situated soundly below her waist
    She laid back, held it open and invited me to take a taste
    I salivated at the giving of the invitation
    As I sniffed her fresh twat in my moments of inhalation
    Something of which I would’ve shamelessly committed myself to supplication
    Sticking my face so far up her ***** I nearly reached to point of suffocation
    Starting as the tip of my tongue touch the crease where her thighs and pelvis meet
    Licking the sides of luscious labium that makes her heart skip a beat
    Adding a dimension to our interaction with a cunnilingual feat
    My tongue reaches her clitoral switch and her pink – very sexual and sweet
    At times I kissed it like a bride and groom kiss each other during a wedding ceremony
    Feeling, with regard to the people on earth, as if we were the one and only
    At other times I buried my face so far in her coochie one would assume -
    That I was making a concerted effort to go back into the womb

    She had that Sugar ***** from which she sweetly nutted
    Sweeter than the dough of sugar cookies, no matter how you cut it
    Had me feeling familiar feeling that were unmistakably mannish
    Que habiá Que Cono de Azucár … she had me saying it in Spanish
    She had me sprung … by the lust bug I’ve been bitten
    The sight of her sugar sweet ***** slick and wet, had me smitten
    Particularly when she arched her back like a stretching, yawning kitten
    Exposing the lovers loot for which this poem is written
    She swirled herself about her clitoris … and nutted with a grin
    She demanded that I **** her, that’s when she nutted again
    Hers was like a well-spring in the middle of the plains
    She kept gushing time and again … yet blushing all the same
    Erectile and digital stimulation was the order of the hour
    And with Sugar ***** giving up her sweet syrup, her stains were nothing sour
    With the sugar that she gave that stained my lips and body -
    Excited me, inspiring the stamina to continue being naughty

    She had that Sugar *****, that kind of ***** that scratched an ‘itch’
    The kind of ***** that made me grimace with pleasure … and made my toes twitch
    Hers was a ***** with a gravity stronger than that of the sun
    That left me reach-less and speechless when it was all said and done
    She had me putting my *** and back into it as I launched my pelvic attack
    She put her *** and back into it as she gave the action right back
    Two animated ******s moving in tandem, like a beating heart
    Dancing the dance of intercourse with a fluidity that’d be considered a work of art
    We ****** each other to exhaustion as we ****** in fashion true
    With abandon we cut loose caution and went for what we knew
    Two horny human beings with vitality and vigor
    On a mission to **** the other tired with a measure of roughness and rigor
    It was a wresting match of sorts, and for a common prize we vied
    With the ultimate goal being orgasm … it was a contest for which we tied
    Seeking one nut after another of which we wouldn’t be denied
    After which, we took a break in which both lied back and sighed

    This one had that Sugar ***** that made my evens odd
    Entering into her made my carnal man say “Oh My God!”
    She slapped it, she snapped, she perked it up for the occasion
    She pinched and puckered it, she played with it right before my invasion
    She masturbated her play-thing and invited me to watch
    As I masticated the thought of tasting her flesh with an ever hardening crotch
    She gave me a show that had me sprung and spry
    As she wittled away at her luscious labium, her ***** was sweet to the eye
    She ****** me with a flair that I can’t quite describe in words
    And for me to try would make this whole affair sounds made up and absurd
    But never-the-less, the whole sorted affair was a sweet deal
    Her ***** was sugar, and the way she ****** me spoke of her zeal
    Though there was an urgency to cum, neither of us were under duress
    She put in work as did I … and the expectation was nothing less
    Hers wasn’t an easy **** that was simply gush and cushy
    It was strain and arduous and at times had me winded … that sexy Sugar *****

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    K-Jio my man, you got it right. Your topics are too nasty for me, but I can't help but feel it anyway.

    More quotable than Shakespeare, line of the year!


    - Ikoro
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    sweet sweet sweet sugarrrrrrrrrrrrr whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! RED ALERT !!!!!
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    Afternoon Garlicsalt...

    Reading all this made me feel as if I put in the work:)

    It read like an explicit rap song on the radio... but I wasn't distracted nor had any problem imagining amidst the bleep, bleep, bleep.:)

    You put it ALL out there! Also some great lines and got down on the rhyme.

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    Ikoro ... when you're delaling with word-smiths who can write, I suppose that it's hard to look away particularly when the flow is complelling.

    Rich and cocoabutterskyn ... it's always a pleasure to see your names in the reply section of the writes that I manage to scribble

    Thank you all for the read


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    Sounds like somebody got a cavity
    from the sweetness of the sugar gravity :)

    This is a sizzling, sweltering, fervently,
    Scorching, fiery, sultry, hott poetic drop!!!!
    :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame:

    As always…..its a pleasure to read you.

    Much Luv,

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    Don't sleep on K-Jio fam.


    - Ikoro