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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles

She was talking, while I was mixing up a sweet drink
Piggybacking from something I said that really made her think
Giving her point of view of what was, and how things should be
She spoke her mind as she’d been giving liberty to … she was at ease and set free
I listened as I mixed this cocktail for the lady of a chocolate brown shade
Two parts Bacardi … three parts lemonade
Pouring it in a cocktail glass a little ways below the brim
The finished product was sweet drink in a glass with sugar crusted along the rim
I handed it to her without the need to feel remorse or repentance
She took a sip, and whatever she was saying, she stopped in mid-sentence
Licked the rim of the glass like a child licking a candy cane
Preoccupied by either the taste, or a buzz, I swore she momentarily forgot her name
She sipped on the hard lemonade from the glass with its rim, sugar-waxed
With each sip of the cocktail, she became more … and more relaxed
And started buzzing, like a church mother humming a hymn
She took her tongue and licked the sprinkled sugar, coated along the rim

Her mouth, now moist from the cool soft sips
I took a pinch of granulated sugar and dabbed them on her lips
She licked her lips seductively as our eyes were locked in a dance
Giving me a come-hither look, welcoming my advance
I took a cue from her movements, letting her body language be the guide
I took a pinch of sugar and asked her to open wide
And in a mood more mellow, and less high strung
I sprinkled sugar crystals and an aroused and anticipating tongue
I moved to close the distance, to engage in a bit of bliss
Sweetened with a pinch of sugar, I moved in for a kiss
I tasted melting sugar crystals as our tongues slid past each other
Locked in a loving lingual litigation, we tongue caressed one another
One thing lead to another, and another thing lead to something else still
With all the tasting, touching, and teasing, we move towards a mutual thrill
My hands roam her body, as her hands roam my back
I rummage through the clothes closest to the skin of a beauty, enameled in basic black


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