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    Like Mariah Carey said,
    it is already accepted once known,
    i have a plan that will put my people on the map,
    out the mishaps of confusion that's been ongoing,
    the power of the pen is greatest,
    going against the grain i had too,
    in order to receive the highest standing ovation of justice,
    i need no medals or congratulations,
    just like when i was a roman soldier in the US Army,
    just let me do my job and i'm gone home forever...

    Like 2pac said,
    success is the best revenge on haters,
    get off me seriously without ego,
    you don't need to know my business unreal,
    just like X get your hands out my pockets,
    i seen you scoping me like King on the stairwell,
    i'm minor and caught on to the words of Clarke quickly,
    you fighting Queen Nzinga long line of blood,
    you coming up against Queen Nefertiti's lost sons on full,
    you going against Harriet Tubman's lost sons to the fullest fool,
    oh you fighting a war on me needless like Deborah's song across the trenches,
    i'm coming up major without famous pressure using aim right,
    redirection like a router and smart switch,
    you don't know where to do with your money?
    Then here give me it to me and watch us move out seriously,
    the ultimate sacrifice of roll call of bravehearts who ain't got nothing to lose,
    i'll be that souljah you read about who had enough balls to pull it off,
    use your powers correctly for the righteous cause,
    by paying dues to the ones who said literally in the same books you reading too move your people,
    and earn your seat of honor done with loyalty completely fulfilled duties,
    let me rest in peace as my will to go further...

    (Diary of a Black Man)

    BLAQ LOVE POURAHTREE Nefertum Husia Shayheh MEMBER

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    Aug 10, 2013
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    Teaching my little ones,
    female niece and little female cousins,
    how to angle life perceptively geometrically,
    today their over my house,
    while the older females out shopping,
    i have a television with a dvd box,
    got mathematics by islam teaching them,
    i make them art themselves on blank canvasses,
    they got more skills than i got,
    i smile to myself seeing their gifts and talents,
    i instruct them to copy words from all sorts of media,
    like the word repetition then tell them to look it up,
    called research as everything is everything,
    i'm a funny young uncle and a young big cousin with jokes,
    also serious about their geniuses being known from within,
    from new york to south carolina i got family,
    of females who are just like yours,
    just let them succeed technically and tactically proficient,
    let them write in calligraphy to follow their own voice,
    i'm trying my best to get them away from the internet,
    but i have to get into the internet to reach the masses,
    minds are no longer common sense though wiser,
    but dumb as ever lost in a digital world filled with unrealness
    so i come real as ever that i can be as succession without gimmick,
    the real world is disappearing before real eyes,
    i should know it best cause i majored in information technology,
    taught by the killer government itself....

    (Diary of a Black Man)
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