Black Poetry : Succession of Sounds


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
Upon entrance
he wanted to hear
the sounds that his
thrusts would create

Provoking monosyllabic
words that are uttered in a
single tone of her already
shaken voice

...................... m m m m

tangled noises squeezing
through clenched jaws
and sliding through
tightly gritted teeth
until sexual relief emits
oooohs and aaahhhs
chanted in repitition
then become collected in

With her closed eyes
counted the number of feathers
dancing inside of the cases that
held them ~

... when he entered from the rear
she would lose count ...
only to begin again

Libido's sequences
oscillated in relative value
forming mathematical
sex symbols that
on dotted
sheets until soaked

Soft squeals would follow
hot and heavy breathing
that would increase and
decrease simultaneously
measuring body temperatures on
a scale from 0 - 100 degrees
in less than one hour
and there cums
a sameness in tone -- intonation --
disguised by climaxes
covering missionary-style which
uncovered her "til' now hidden spot"

... And heaven, he awaits ...

with his rejoiced inflection of
alpha male grunts
heard from the lull of his
own ahhh's and ohhh's

..............................m m m m

with rest after sex
they heard no noise
which is also
the sweet sound of success


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