Black Poetry : Success!!!!


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May 21, 2001
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I thought I saw her last month, or was it a couple of years back?
Memories I tried to retract, but I can’t remember.
The last time I seen her, but I want her
Want her bad For she represents something I seldom had.
Wishful thinking comes by when I feel a gentle breeze,
She makes me weak in the knees
Could it be she is just a tease?
Please! They say to have her I gots to pay
Earning her hand takes more than a day.
But I say…who the hell are they?
That makes the rule of pursuing her.
She is what I strive for,
What I pray for, God send her to me, and I will never be able to thank you
enough for this blessing…… but my thoughts of her, are blurry through the stained
glass windows, she goes away quickly when the wind blows.
I thought I saw her in a Benz, riding on 20inch Chrome,
Or they might have been 18’s, didn’t matter cause that ride was clean.
I seen, or at least I thought, I caught a glimpse, but haven’t seen her since,
I lost my desire, my ambition, my resolve, the evolution of me has evolved.
So now I’m back on the hunt for her, for she is what every man wants, and needs
Looking through the looking glass, sometimes it’s hard to read.
the signs on her mind, so I am inclined,
to take the back seat, instead of sure defeat
the pursuit is never cold, the heat is too much for my feet.
Or so it seems..but I do dream
In my dreams im turnin and tossin
Bling blingin, and flossin,
But they say I’m on the wrong path,
They say I need a spiritual bath.
another plan of attack, but how do I do that?
IF we were in the 80’s my rap would be wack.
but I go back to the 70’s when she was solid,
Or the 90’s she was cold. Those that know of her
never told.
So my dream I continue to hold.
In my dreams I call her SUCCESS. nothing more nothing less.
No other description, needed, to explain her existence.
I am searching for her, with a relentless persistence.
I must never rest until I have SUCCESS, I always assumed, but never
consumed her, took her for granted, like breathing air, but she ain’t there,
unless you want her to be. In the crowd of negativity I hope she see’s me.
See’s my hope and pain, the blood flowing through my veins, but she remains
a dream, and it seems…… like I will never have her………. But like a stalker I stick around…waiting patiently for any sound….of hope, a glimmer of light for my plight.
And when that light has shined on my face, I will cherish this time, and thank him for his Grace Won’t just talk that talk, for my actions will show…now that I have SUCCESS, I will never let her go.

Copyright © 2001 T.L. Stevens


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