Black Poetry : Subway Goddess (Repost 4 Bobby T)

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    Feeling a bit pensive
    A little tight inside
    Decided to take a walk
    But instead took a subway ride

    Thanks Mayor Rudy
    The subway system is safe again
    I sat all alone
    In the very last car
    Looked at my watch
    It was 2-AM

    From Bed-Sty to the Village
    Twenty minutes
    Short and sweet
    Kiss the sky
    Jamaican style
    And grab a bite to eat

    The train moved swiftly
    Closer to Manhattan
    With each Conductor’s call
    But something strange and mystical happened
    At Jay Street and Borough Hall

    The doors never opened
    It became pitch black
    My head started spinning
    I didn’t know where I was at

    Suddenly just one door opened
    The subway car filled
    With hazy blue smoke
    I feared if I breathed
    I would surely choke

    As the smoke cleared away
    I could not blink
    I stared at this heavenly subway surprise
    The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen
    Formed in the mist
    Right before my eyes

    “I am here to keep you company”
    She said with loving fondness
    Floating toward me
    Myth became reality
    Here I am with the Subway Goddess

    Her legend dates back
    Over one hundred years
    Protecting the men
    Who dug the tunnels
    Keeping them safe
    Easing their fears

    “There really is a Subway Goddess”
    I softly whispered
    Will anyone believe me?
    Has anyone ever believed?

    I wanted to get up and sit down beside her
    I was now much more
    Than a plain old subway rider
    But I could not move
    Neither did the train
    What is happening to me
    Am I going insane?

    A feeling moved through me
    From my toes to my head
    And just for an instant
    I knew what it was
    To be mentally dead

    But in the next instant
    It was as if nothing took place
    The Subway Goddess was gone
    But still I saw her majestic face

    I made a check of myself
    To see if I was ok
    Blinked my eyes
    Moved my arms, my legs and feet
    There I was at my destination
    Greenwich Village
    West Fourth Street

    I’ll forever ride the subway
    With a different attitude
    I’ll ride them more often
    I’ll never complain
    I’ve seen the Subway Goddess
    I’ll never be the same

    © BE 2000
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    BUSINESS owner
    subway blast into a new motion
    i've been on dis ride and u took
    me back again .............tyght BE......
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    Nice Heartbeat!!

    I've never rode a subway, but thanks to this piece I now have the experience!! Thanks BE!! Sweet FLow Bruh!!:D