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    Submission, Positive, Negative, Exactness

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Anything That Is Less Than Perfect Is Not Of The Divine Essence Natural Design, And Such Perfection Does In Fact Verify Its (GOD) Eternal Everlasting Infinite Existence.


    The characteristic of someone being submissive are those who have no will of determination to develop a life using their own precepts in order to be able to determine the value that will be placed upon their lives.

    A submissive person is one that is weak and is unsure of nature design, so they end up depending upon others to do what they do not have the will, interest, and determination to do for self.

    A submissive person is one who has decided that it is much safer and easier to allow someone else to determine the direction for their lives to travel and to become dependent upon the rule of law that is so established for those who submissively believe is the most cooperative way to live life, and they comply, leaving the mapping and directing concerning life for others to perform.

    The submissive person is the believing person, having no creative goal that will feed a determination to discover in life what Nature has placed there to be discovered, requiring one to Think using independent reason, not doing so, because of the choice to believe, it is much easier to allow others to do for them that they have no desire to do, which is to Divinely Think.

    Submission of your life to others is the coward way of living life and it give a sense of no responsibility to the act of submission of your life to other than to your self.

    Submission without taking responsibility of your life is a disease to life.


    The characteristic of positiveness in the action of your life become one who look at things in the way others have told how it is to be, and because of an overwhelming urge to please others, there is no effort to reject what others have outlined for your life to comply to, in order to be looked upon in a favorable deceiving light.

    People who present themselves in a positive way are people who do not like controversy, so they are always ready to follow the majority rule and to always be in compliance to the rule, as so set by others for your life to obey.

    Positive does not necessary mean correctness, it is as beauty, it is in the quality of the mind of the user.

    So, those who have a sense of belonging within a group setting, are always ready to be agreeable with what the majority have to say about life responsibility, which become the responsibility of the positive way of life for the organized group.

    To a positive person, set the rule of life and they will comply without question, having positive to be a show of weakness in a life that is desperate to be accepted by the majority in life.

    The positive person have no problem in having their life moral precepts established by someone other than the self of the individual, and such a person has no problem in assigning over their life responsibility to others, just for the sake to be accepted and in cooperation with the others of like group members.

    Positive in life is not always fair and true to life and to have such a characteristic, and to be not real to the nature of life, is not fair and true to life.


    Well now you have the characteristic that is a habitual complainer in life, but all for vain selfish reason, because there is never enough done to please such an over powering ego, to the point it become blinding to the negative spirit being displayed in life.

    Negative mean a no cooperative life style, nothing is the way it is being wanting it to be, so the habit of such a life is to always look for fault, as so been established by somebody else life guide line for your life to comply to and obey.

    A negative characteristic is that of an unsure life, believing everything others tell you to believe about your life and the way you are to live your life, never setting self creative goal for your life, but always striving to reach the goal that others have set for your life to strive to reach.

    Negative is always attached to the principle of striving, meaning never certain of ever being able to reach the goal you strive to reach, letting such uncertainty to be the net worth of the negative life ambition.

    Negative is in cooperation with positive, having a want to submit to the rule of law that restrict life to comply to someone else perception about life, such character being the sum total of one life, with a goal for it that is not set by that life itself.


    This is the characteristic that is certain about the need of life and is not a prisoner to somebody else rule of law that has been established to confine and control your life.

    Life is the product not of mankind calling himself Human; it is the product of Nature design, acting in compliance to the potter action, it being the Divine Essence of us all.

    Therefore, exactness is not amenable to a life of submission, positive, or negativity, but is the master of all such characteristics, by being exact about that which is in need to be known and not believed, and it is believing that is a characteristic of Submission, Positive, and negative, which is a spirit of life inexact action.

    Exactness is a characteristic that is in noncompliance to that which is not of nature design, such a character is moved and directed under the power of knowing, needing no system of coercion or forced convincing of its assurance about the nature of life responsibility to self.

    Exactness is not in accordance to the social established mores and value that has been so constructed by less than Nature design, and all that are not of Nature design is inexact in that which it instruct you to do in life.

    Exactness is not a stratum of a profane social stratum that has been constructed by other than Nature work, which is beyond the stratum of submission, positive, and negative.

    Exactness is a structure of a wholeness about life, and its attributes are Knowledge , Understanding, and the wisdom to verify that which is Divinely True and Real.

    Exactness is not about getting you to agree or disagrees, nor to comply or to reject, all such life dynamics are involved in the social stratum that has been constructed by other than the action of Nature design.

    So, all that is not of nature design is of Lucifer design, and in such a design, it is in want to conquer your Divine Mind and equip your life motion with a profane mind, a mind that has created for your life to comply to the tenets of Religion.

    Religion is a perceived creation by Lucifer profane Mind, done with a purpose to conquer the Divine Mind, the foundation upon which Exactness is in eternal motion, in the abyss of existing infinity.

    Exactness is innately with the attributes which are the soul, intuitive self, Divine Mind, and Spirit of Nature Design, which is Life.

    Therefore, life is with a purpose of need to be free, independent, and sovereign in the action of Divine Body living, such as life, it is the verification of the potter existence, the Divine Essence.(God)

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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    would you correlate the definitions of positive and negative with even and odd??

    And with regard to the closing sentence, would u agree the "knowing" (feeling) is freedom

    I mean is it not doubt that gets in the way?

    we're just not ready for full capacity... it will overload....

    the so called "enemy" recognized GOD, and this is sad... could be up setting, but the right combination of negative and positive, even and odd, female and male elements produces exactness.....

    too much positive influence, using ur definitions, produces negative reactions.... and in my case rejection...

    but rejection meaning rejection of others' perception of the so called activity of the human being

    a human is another form of animal... so it has animal capacity....

    so thought process is either that of nature or that of GOD...

    since I am in this animal skin.. I have a say, but I submit myself to GOD's essence, not for political power, or magical abilities.. I already possess that

    I desire GOD to drive

    and not because of the fears of man.. but moreso because GOD needs us, like we need GOD, and I feel it, so I can't deny it..


    it hurts GOD's feelings when we refer to GOD as "it"....