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    BY Mr. Godrey Higgins - 1833


    Page 433

    The excessive hatred of the Jews to the adoration of the Queen of
    Heaven, Milcomb and Asteroth of the Sidonians, is visible every where
    in the Bible, as well as to that of the Bull Apis, under the names of
    Baal, Moloch, Thamas, &qc., &qc. though the hypothesis that the Jews
    were a branch of a sect which arose in the disputes of India about
    the Linga and Ioni may be new, when every thing is considered, I
    trust it will not be thought improbable. It seems rationally to
    account for circumstances which, as far as I am ware, have not been
    explained before, and to remove many difficulties. And I think when
    it is well understood and duly considered, it will be found to be in
    favour of Christian and Jewish religions, and not against them.

    Page 434

    "Major Orme* reckons eighty-four castes in India, each of which has a
    physiognomy peculiar to itself. The more civilized tribes," he
    says, "are more comely in their appearance. The noble order of the
    Brahmins are the fairest and the most comely. The mountaineers most
    resemble Negroes in their countenances and their hair. The natives of
    the hilly districts of Bengal and Bahar can hardly be distinguished
    by their features from the modern Ethiopians."** All this accords
    very well with my theory respecting the black Buddha. Probably at the
    time the black Jews divided from their countrymen, they were black--
    and, from being always few in number and low in rank, and breeding
    entirely in their own caste, they have kept their ancient sable
    complexion. It has been observed, that the figures in all the old
    caves of India have the appearance of Negroes.*** This tends to prove
    not only the extreme antiquity of these caves, but also the original
    Negro character of the natives.

    * Indostan, Introd. ** Pritchard, Phys. Hist. p.392.

    *** Hunter, in Arch├Žologia, Vol. VII.; Dr. F. Buchanan, Asiat. Res.
    Vol. VI.

    Dr. Pritchard has most clearly proved, as I have stated in Book V.
    Chap. XIII. Sect. 2, that the ancient Egyptians were Negroes. He
    observes that "the Greeks writers always mention the Egyptians as
    being black in their complexions. ... Herodotus, who was well
    acquainted with the Egyptians, mentions the blackness of their
    complexions more than once. ...*

    * Pritchard, Phys. Hist. p.377.

    For the truth of the theory which I have advanced--that the Jews did
    originally come from India, in addition to the circumstantial
    evidence, I have as good proof as it is possible for written records
    to afford. This I say roundly of the testimony of Megasthenes. He
    cannot be supposed to have had any prejudice against the Jews : his
    observations respecting their being an Indian tribe seems to have
    fallen from him merely as illustrative of the character of the
    Hindoos. The Hindoos were the object of the book, not the Jews. He
    had no interested motive to induce him to misrepresent or to deceive;
    and the priests cannot here set up even their hackneyed argument of
    hatred of the Jews to account for or obviate any thing which is
    unfavourable to them, as his assertion is merely confirmatory of
    Mose's narrative--that they came from the East, and is in praise of
    them or their system. The passage, which I have noticed before, where
    he observes that the Indians and the Jews were the only people who
    had any true idea of chronology and the nature of the creation of the
    world, is very striking, when coupled with what I have just laid
    before the reader. It all tends strongly to prove the close connexion
    between the Indians and the Jews.

    Page 435

    Another reason for the continuance of the dark complexion of the
    Jews, and their marked national character, is to be found in their
    ancient law, which forbade them from marrying out of their own tribe.
    This law was long anterior to Moses, and was only re-enacted by him.
    We have, perhaps, the first appearance of it, in the esoteric history
    of Jacob and Esau. ... and he was excluded that his children might
    not inherit.* The same thing happened to Moses, who married an
    Ethiopian woman, as I have before pointed out, and therefore his
    children did not inherit; but the supreme power and the priesthood
    descended to the sons of Aaron, his nephews. ...

    * Vide Gen. xxvi. 34, 35.

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