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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
"oh, you're a baller"
she asked with disdain
waving her hand in my face
as she laughed out my name
front'n for her crew
trying to make fun of me
i smiled
shook my head
as i rose from my seat

"are you referring to me, ma'am?"
i asked of her...nicely
never cussed or made a fuss
...was as nice as i could be

"i know well who i am
i have a job
and i've got game
i've never uttered a word to you
respect my person and do the same"

she yelled obscenities
continued to growl at me

head side to side
as she pointed at me

stomped her feet a few times more
and looked to her crew
but they lowered their eyes and said
"babygurl...i can't hang with you"

loud volume and small words
does nothing for me
so i walked away

all the diss'n in her repertoire
doesn't define who i am
but a brutha can only take so much
before he breaks and be like...

waves of rage
swelled beneath my skin
the heartbeat drum
beating loud from within

but i continued my walk
had to get away, son
is a pity
so, i forgive her
this one.
and the story goes...

"who is this woman?"
as i glanced to the door
she's loud
i haven't seen her before

i left her standing
i was getting upset
she came running out
as i crawled in the Lex

you're funny.
trying to play me and ****
why didn't you tell me
you ball like this?"

how i do
what i do
is none of your concern
you stepped to me
had you asked
you would have learned
but like all hoodrats
you're opinionated
like this
always opening your mouth
and stepping in

Thanks for the read, y'all... know i missed my little four leaf clover...forever floating in the gentle breezes of my future. pleased to read ya.

ZoRb...waiting on that one. always nice to have a real woman's opinion.:)

shaz...peeped in on razor tongue. i can see that you feel me. maintain the flow.



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