Black Poetry : Stupid mean without good sense he's in the hood convinced


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May 11, 2006
Stupid mean without good sense he's in the hood convinced
that this is true trying to get a wet kiss from this boo dense
effects, he saw a girl threw a kiss that missed fail to hit but still
prevail legit a female git hot and bothered when that happens
phat rapping leads to that, she loving loud colors button snapping
proud of butters a crowd clutters her space to look at her body in
full bloom no room to mess around her breasts brown party trend
begin dress pulled down she strut butt and boys look at that as
a shook stat cook phat finger licking chicken and it's pop-eyed jazz
play on CD no Alcatraz he an MVP in HIP HOP wet sweat drip drop
off his forehead kisses soft he adore bed her lips galore red hot
here with fame no smear on his name get wet cake so he take a clear
aim for the bedroom, so his art flame leave marks and stain sincere
on microphones just that alone must be strong enough to move
things around, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH smooth
when rapping never phony but just happen to be horny this stuff slapping
corny cats in the face and boo hats off to her lace the beauty is overlapping
now she's a red bone boys want her in their car so they can head home it's
he's crazy being a stranger at home but not in the danger zone a bit
awkward, no doubt a dairy come out of the ordinary to serve a nice
queen some ice cream, pause there's a concern because it's churned twice
the flavor and the advice is major on how to lick a cone the price
is not cheap oh wow he's calling DAIRY QUEEN about this here see a boo
that's a bar queen they few and far between by the way his drop top do
run ready to blow up with dubs” “HE SAID look boo you got butt and he
love her breast so she a cut above the rest “we jump in the bathtub to try
and test the water your breast in order like the twin towers so know pie
is sweet you a Black Soul Sista fill with chocolate he will rock it as soon
as next week have sex and freak no doubt have a computer just to outmaneuver
these other cats and your butters are phat like CLOVERBLOOM even the HOOVER
**** knows that it's wet, his brain keep fog he may have to leapfrog to get
between a girl's thighs with extreme force hurl pies like PATTI LABELLE no regret
his past and present blurred together love preferred forever the facts occurred
clever after thinking, prevail legit but fail to hit the jack pot even though heard
he did but missed two numbers forget about them blue hummers now disturbed
so boo you got hot pies and that's top prize like a jack pot a whack plot not
enough” SHE SAID “naw player there's thunder down there in her underwear so stop
teasing and start pleasing I'm sneezing got allergies in her salaries and calories
in her sandwich doing damage to her weight but she escape by not eating in galleries
could end up a sucker galore on the upper floor and like FAT JOE my stats flow
“All the up” her art flame leave marks and stain and smear brains this stuff grow
got pride being proud seeing a crowd of boys try rap up on some panties glow
a CHEVY is heavy and ready as the wheel luck spin she's all shut in and surrounded
by love butt grounded in the club because she got a boyfriend playing is unfounded
oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot even with a true plot here in VIRGINIA BEACH
her red panties are hot and this boy continue to rap with a menu asap to rock her peach
as the chocolate bleach her panties for real boys be after that, this love talk teach
HE SAID “anoint crew with his point of view boo, you need a boyfriend for real
love her lips they red they can hug in the bed rub his head boo lets make a deal
we have a cake date sip wine pop bottles and go bottoms up on soda pops
probably a diet coke it's quiet joke not to drink one he think it done dropped
in stores already now sweaty and take a sip he want cake so he kiss her lips
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