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    WHEN i first met u
    i thought u were the ish
    tall, wild curly hair
    in timberlands

    we exchanged numbers
    and names all the same
    went out to shoot pool
    i drove, u paid for the game

    second date u tuned me out
    i was shocked, so stunned
    that somebody let this loving go
    i just knew u were the one

    then u became a tyrant
    hateful and obscene
    i cooked and brought food
    to the job
    but i didnt mean a thing.

    after a tumultuous break-up
    after u would not reconcile
    i left confused and crying
    but got over it after while

    6 months later u left a card
    on the inside of my screen door
    sayin how sorry u were
    and could we be friends once more

    i cried when i read it
    and gave u a call
    u had a weak excuse
    why u let our love die and fall

    so now its been two years
    since the first time i saw your face
    and still u want no committment
    u want my sex, but i won't give it

    and i think how now we get along
    no fighting no confusing trends
    and i would still consider a relationship
    but u still only want to be friends.

    and u proposition me to get
    kisses u gave where no
    sun shines and reminisce
    of how u twisted me, and grind

    but none of that matters
    ur presence don't either
    cause we got a history
    but it doesnt make it better

    u don't want me
    u want my body
    two years later
    and still, u don't
    u just don't get it.........
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    in your atmosphere...
    i like this one more, that right jus let it go and walk away
    much love,