Black Poetry : Stuff in a Club

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    Stuff in a Club

    Cats be stunting they stay whack doing a playact like//theaters they be haters on stage characters of all type //saw a girl cause static with her flirt must do some dramatic //work up under her skirt,girl got a damp seed wanna pat it //ready to stampede like a rattled addict, run to her in panic//with facts and spark act my part wanting sex can’t stand it //get tons of romantic kisses, satisfaction in love making//when actions are taken in bed, “ boo you fine I’m not faking//Got a legit butt tits sucked before still adore your poking breast //Wanna open your dress I’m so impressed you know the rest //Feel a strange sensation lets do a change of location from //The club to my house this thug wanna spouse honey bun //My bed plush and strong so lets rush along with this my ride //Got chrome discs as rims we could roll up hill or do a glide //With bold thrills as a raceway, I want lace what can I say? //We can go beep beep beep while the bed go screech screech //Screech wanna let my wet tongue go so deep deep deep” //“Wait CALF you make my juicy coochee a sloppy spree //You listen to Bobby V and young jock get a girl wet she //Be sprung and hot a lot I’m hung on not to have sex it maybe //Crazy and adorn but a baby can be born if you get my gravy //Love talks and wonder quotes bring thunderbolts even shock //A **** and get a girl’s box hot so boys plot and try drop //A girl’s panties there’s a world of candies under my dress //My cake burns as boys take turns trying to convince my breast //