Black Money Business Jobs : Study Finds Median Wealth For Single Black Women at $5. White women - $42,600


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Sep 12, 2009
The findings were from 2010, though I doubt there are any substantial change since
this study was first produced:

"Among the most startling revelations in the wealth data is that while single white
women in the prime of their working years (ages 36 to 49) have a median wealth of
$42,600 (still only 61 percent of their single white male counterparts), the median
wealth for single black women is only $5.

This is alarming. But it's also inaccurate. From the study:

Young women ages 18-35, whether white or non-white, are beginning their adult
years with a median wealth of zero, meaning that at least half of women in this age
group had no wealth or had debts greater than the value of their assets (see Table
3). However, while white women in the prime working years of ages 36-49 have a
median wealth of $42,600 (still only 61% of their white male counterparts), the
median wealth for women of color is only $5.

This is still really alarming. But obviously, conclusions about women of color--all
nonwhite women and Latinas of all races, according to the study-- of a certain age,
are very different than conclusions about black women in particular. Professor
Chang was kind enough to talk to me this evening and verified that $5 dollar stat
applied to women of color as a whole, and not just black women."

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Sep 12, 2009
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Jul 14, 2014
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fact is whatever the figure we dont have capital - some black women have salaries that are equal or above those of similarly educated white women (not all i admit) - but this paints an innacurate picture - since we dont have the same amount of capital - capital not income determines whether your wealthy or not


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May 7, 2013
I too remember reading this same report in 2010. It seems like when you add up all liabilities, debt, etc..., and place it against what you bring in, most blacks have very little wealth compared to whites. This is because blacks are taught to get a job and work for whites, then buy things to make us look rich, while more whites are taught to accumulate wealth. This is explained much better by Dr. Claude Anderson. In other words, we are more caught up in trying to keep up with the Jones', putting ourselves in more debt, and putting ourselves in a better position to be fired for not laughing at our white bosses corny jokes. Ever heard of "At will employment"...bull. I translate that to fire at will, which is another way of practically calling you a slave.

I use the biblical definition of wealth, which is having what you need (shelter, food, clothing, ect...), no debt, and able generate enough money to keep these things without having to work. That's true wealth, which doesn't necessarily mean being rich. You can be rich, and have more debt than you own. Black celebrities seem to be haunted by this the most...Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, and the list goes on.

Based on the definition I gave for wealth, we do have blacks in that category. These are the blacks who invested well, and were able to retire comfortably. But even this dream seem to be getting less feasible for future generations with todays economy and the gutting of pension plans. This goes for whites too, but evidently worst for blacks.

But then there's this category that I call the wealthy elite. If you thought it was hard thinking of any blacks with wealth, you can almost hang it up thinking of blacks in this category, although there may be some. These are the people you never meet. These are the ones who don't have money, but control the money.
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