Study finds even toddlers know gender expectations

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    Playing around in the formative years is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    I really hope somebody besides me is READING this.

    A BLACK WOMAN teacher I forget here name who won TEACHER of the YEAR 2005 I think said that from BIRTH to 5 or 6 years of AGE is when a child learns its BEST and carry it on for the remainder of their LIVES on EARTH.

    Are we setting a GENERATION for BAGGAGE that will be TRASH when folks become OLDER and say 'MAN if I was young I would of done this and that'

    and I say "MAN you should try to make a everyday effort for 'THIS and THAT'"
    because somebody little is WATCHING.

    But let me not INTERFERE with anybody's BUSINESS.

    Study finds even toddlers know gender expectations

    If you like to be PLAGUE with SEXISM to the HIGHEST ORDER then maybe some of us are the CATALYST of such THINGS.

    But I talk mysteries.

    Oh well.