Black Poetry : Studio Time (Poem For The Homie In Feb)

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    Make your end works,
    do what you gotta do,
    i gotta package deal without gimmick,
    serve my people a better altitude,
    a savior for myself,
    you got kids and court dates,
    she steady tripping but don't hate her,
    remember what goes around,
    comes around as hard times and choices,
    complete artist here straight underground,
    don't need a commercial airway,
    i been in the game of music,
    from my uncle's band before i was born,
    to the gospel station on television when little,
    around the world in your churches making feet dance,
    regardless of color and many religions,
    back at my spot deep in the cuts at UK's Haddon,
    pass a cd out to the public,
    exchange for a pound,
    it's a gang of artists out doing they thang,
    i got a book of songs plus more for life,
    my composition of depths,
    i love the mpc and keys with my other instruments,
    the heartbeat though i'm drummer nature-al,
    spoken word of quotes wiser than my last times...
    i envision other galaxies when coming out of those doors again,
    down here in SC is studio time.

    (Real Poetry)