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    Students views on Subs

    By Andre Austin

    School will be in session soon, time to open up all the books

    News clothes to wear and new lessons to learn old ones take another look

    Students, students, students I say what do you know

    Have you heard, have you heard of the New Jim Crow

    Pupils have a distorted view about who people are from what they do. Some students like to think that when a Substitute walks in the classroom that it’s a field day, or its primetime to be entertained. They refer to Subs as “unreal teachers”. They say this to subvert the classroom, undermine a Substitute authority, so that drugs, gambling, and demonic music can inundate and run amuck. However, I will tell you one thing: “Homey don’t play dat”.

    I’m all about transferring, in part, all information I’ve accumulated since I graduated from High school and College with my mini home library as a guide. My prior experience working in Juvenile homes, Prisons, being a freelance writer for local papers, running for office in my early 20’s and in the ER hospital have given me the experience to read people and deal with various types of personalities. It’s not what you do it’s who you are.

    Students have the idea that no one can convey information to them except for a teacher. I thought this took until I went to prison to work and was taught law by an inmate who only had a GED. Or look at those who had an impact on the world that never went to college:

    Muhammad could not read or write but he has a billion followers on the planet.

    Malcolm X went to the 8th grade only was invited to Harvard & Yale and treated as a head of state in Africa and the middle east. His alma mater is books he read in the joint for 8 consecutive years. And there are many others.

    As a Blackman I have to keep on proving my credentials. I’ve ghost written internship reports, essays and bibliographies for students to get their bachelor’s degrees.

    Just because I’m a Sub doesn’t mean that I am not somebody. Just because I don’t make the big bucks doesn’t mean I can’t teach and convey information. The Hebrews stole from the ancient Egyptians what Jesse Jackson made so famous: “I’am what I’am. nuk pa, nuk”. The Hebrews adjusted it to “Iam who Iam” (Exodus 3:14). A janitor can teach a student an idea that more powerful than the Gold in Fort knox.

    Like I said its not what you do its who you are. And I’m steady Subbing.

    With Love,

    Andre Austin

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    As a Sub, I can relate to everything that you are saying. While working to finish my Bachelor degree in education, I thought this would be a good way to get adjusted to the public school system. Substitutes get very little respect but when I walk in, I command it. It's not easy though because most assume that subs are just place fillers for the "real" teacher. I tend to work on the elementary level so I can deal with the special education classes. I love teaching, whether its subbing or finally getting my own class.