Chief Elder Osiris : Stuck In The Now Trying To Get To No Where. (Future

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    Stuck In The Now Trying To Get To No Where. (Future)

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Sure, many of us talk the same stuff, repeating what is happening now, and about what we want to happen in the future, never getting to know the value of our past lives, as was lived by our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, so all talk is as chaff into the wind, scattered about falling among the thickets, bushes, and on infertile ground, and by chance some may fall upon fertile ground, left to be eaten up by the bushes and thickets in the field of belief, faith, and hope.

    Such is liken to all of the talk that go on on this Internet, many making claim to be in the act of our Blackness and most of us representing the action of those who have repressed, persecuted, and oppressed Black people, so I ask, where do you fit in this grand design, mostly drawn by your oppressors?

    If you are going to Talk, Talk to communicate that which is Divinely True, because you see, it is the ability to communicate and not do useless talk that should benefit real dedicated Black people, yet most Black people have perfected the latter, master talker without the Divine gift to communicate with each other.

    A fool can master the art of talk, but it take a Divine mental effort to communicate, talking is full of lies and deceit, used to seek whomever can be devoured into believing all of the lying and deceiving talking that is going on today, always talking about the now and making plans for the nowhere, which you label it to be your future.

    Black people have been conditioned to put all of our plans for our lives in the nowhere of our lives and to do nothing but talk about now, and we are taught to take no thought about our past.

    The past is more certain than now is to you, while the nowhere reveal to you nothing but belief, faith, hope,and conscious dreaming, a Time that has not yet come and offer you no guarantee that you will live to be present in nowhere.

    You being, is provided to you so that you can create a life for you the Being, to live and to live it in such a Divine way, until it will give to you the knowledge of the Past that verifies the now of your life living, taking no thought for the nowhere that your life has not experienced.

    Divine Time is to be acknowledge with great pride and respect and must not be wasted on contemplating about nowhere, because you see, life living is two dimensional, before and now, past and present, and if Black people would only recalibrate our Divine Mind to deal with those two dimensions and to perfect our lives around what was and what is, we would be in a position to determine the Now Of Our Life, In The Way we Must Live it.

    The problem with Black people is that we have been made to be stuck in the now while wasting our life away trying to get nowhere, which is label to be the future, which never can be entered, only the past and present give to your life, assurance, beloved.

    The most powerful influence of Time that is associated with your life is your life past, it is the past that present to you the Now and if you get to know the past, you will live a life making sure it experience glorious comfort in the now of your life, because such a status of condition, the past can verify to you now.

    You see, in nowhere, Time does not reside, yet Time, Divine as it is, reside every where, and to life, every where is your past and now, knowing how to assimilate the two will qualify you to know the quantum metaphysic of all things that are under the influence of Time.

    You see, Time is Motion and Motion is Life Living, consisting of the past and now, and is always everywhere and never nowhere, yet here we Black Folks are, being made a party to ignoring our past, which is why you Black folks are confused as Hell, about your life condition, in the now of your life.

    The only way to get to know about the Divine Truth concerning the Divine Essence, (GOD) about both Universe, and about the life of yourself, is to stop talking to each other and begin to communicate with each other, and in so doing, Black people will no longer be stuck in the now, we will stop being ignorant of our past, and will have no belief about nowhere.

    Living your life Divinely is about that life past and that life now, nowhere cloud the mind preventing you from Thinking about your past lives, which inside of your Being, you do carry with you, everywhere you go and in whatever you do.

    So it is the obligation, the responsibility that you Black people have, which is to show Divine Respect and Honor to your self, because in so doing, you do to your Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, the mother and father of all Ancestors that came after them and you now being of them all.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, it is the Talkers among you that is drunk with their vain and profane ignorant arrogance, stuck into the belief of their nowhere, that cause them to be an enemy to our past and to us now.

    Because you must see, Black People have allowed themselves to become a prisoner into the caste of their own self induced ignorance, by believing everything told to them by a people with a history of keeping us blind and ignorant about our past lives, having you walloping in your proud of ignorance, telling Black people to forget about our past and that our past does not matter to us, and what we must want to do is to get to nowhere in our lives.

    How sadly foolishly ignorant we Black people have been made to become, ignoring our past and confuse as hell about now, but drunk with the belief, faith, and hope about nowhere, as we are stuck in the ignorance of now and wishing for nowhere (future) to come to be an effective part of our lives.

    Liberation does not come to a people made to be less than who they are, by praying in a state of docility, over burden with apathy, with a lost of will to choose to do what is necessary to free your life from the now condition it now live, as if through some strange act of osmosis, the Black Life will experience being respected by others, and Justice is to be the Black life friend, without you doing what need to be done to make your life viable and respected again.

    Beloved, When You Do Not Know, A Fool Can Tell You Anything, And You Will End Up Believing Everything That Fool Tell You, Causing You To Become More Of A Fool, Than The Fool Talking and not communicating To You, Beloved.

    Black Folks Are Stuck In The Now Trying To Get To Nowhere, Not Knowing That Our Past Is Everywhere That Now, IS.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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