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    The black reality is one of conspiracy
    C is for color that is used to divide us. Light and dark always at odds because we think that one is better than the other. Y'all know the saying,"If you are light you're alright, if you're brown stick around but if you are black Git back!".

    The O is for oppression that has gotten us confused, that has been used to misguide us. Not allowing us to move forward in certain ways.

    N is for the word ****** that is used to describe us. As low lives, good for nothing lazy bums, although we toiled the earth from sun up to sun down so that white men could profit.

    And so S is for slavery of my people who were ripped from their homes. Shipped like sardines, mangled and twisted. Abused for free labor so that this country could profit off our backs. And yet, Whites say

    P is for the past that we shouldn't dwell on it. "I had nothing to do with that. Don't you have jobs because of affirmative action that gave you preference over me? Didn't we give you the chance to vote, to ride on the bus with us. Didn't civi rights movment give you advancements?

    I is for integration that gave us the illusion of inclusion. The illusion that we are all equal?! WHen I stand in the street and can't catch a cab. WHen my children can't get a decent eduction because they don't have enough books for each child. Our children are being incarcerated at an alarming rate because of drugs that we DID NOT introduce into our own community.

    R is for the continued rascism that I still encounter daily. That look that whites give as they announce your presence loud enough in a store,"Can I help you?". Like we know y'all like to steal. The fear of blackness that makes cops trigger happy. When black men speak they think they hear violence.

    A is for the ***** they make of themselves when the make statements like: "How come you black people don't know your places and stay in it" or why are we all on welfare and lazy? When we all know people on welfare who are working off the books and hustling to take care of their kids.

    C is for the courage our ancestors passed onto us as we have had to and continue to overcome many obstacles thrown our way.

    Y is for YES we were enslaved, YES we were lynched, YES were not allowed to vote, YES they burned crosses on our lawn. YES despite and inspite of all our trials and tribulations in the words of Maya Angelou "and still we rise!"
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    the near north

    and the STRUGGLE continues. however, many of US have bought into the CONSPIRACY that we are EQUAL in this land of the FREE... but are we not free to be only those things they allow us to be?


    let the river flow.
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    It is still here and it will probably always live in the hearts of some long after we are gone--well done--Amun-Ra