Black Poetry : Striving

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    Atlanta, Georgia
    just living day to day doesn’t seem to suffice
    as i travel down the road of life
    but about my pain i have no gripes
    cause nothing can stop my soul from taking flight

    nothing can snatch me from His loving arms
    not the raging winds of the storm
    not the enemies that plot me harm
    not the rocky mountains that block my way
    not the coldest night, not the hottest day
    not the narrow path that aint so straight
    not the prolonging of my graduation date
    not the unexpected birth of my daughter
    not the rigorous task of being a father
    not the balancing of school, work and life
    not starting over and over again till i get it right

    you see i’ve come too far on my walk
    too many battles have I fought
    some i won and some i’ve lost
    but through them all I paid the cost
    and through the pain i’ve dared to dream
    so i still feel that this life owes me some things
    and you best believe by any means
    i’ll get it all....everything

    i look forward to tomorrow
    bring it joy or bring it sorrow
    life is for the living, not the dead
    so i do not fear what lies ahead
    i do not regret what has already been
    i can’t go back and do it again
    all i can do is live right now
    and wipe the sweat from my brow

    i’m pressing forward towards the mark
    so strengthen Lord my wavering heart
    i’ll make it through the tribulations and trials
    so long as you give me the strength to smile
    so long as you help me bare my cross
    i’ll reach out to save the lost
    i’ll give my life in your name
    so long as my giving aint in vain

    people out here depend on me
    and for them i’ll leave a legacy
    this life wont get the best of me
    i’m going to fulfill my destiny

    to the fullest i’ll live this life
    come the pain come, come the strife
    i give my all and do my best
    perfection can be a hell of a process

  2. Joyce

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    May 23, 2001
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    You have made my heart glad. I wish I could give you a hug, for writing such a heartwarming poem. I love and appreciate a father who stays and fight winds of resistance, rather than get caught up in them.

    I felt your every line and appreciate the fact that you recognize that God is your source of strength. :) Thanks for sharing.


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    Mar 8, 2002
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    SERIOUS words to live by. Bravo for the courage and strength and belief. You will have a very rich life.