Black Short Stories : Stripping Ain't Easy (Part 3: The Newcomer Pimpless)

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    "Yo, yo, yo listen up wansters we got a newcomer to the spotlight. Show her some love. She's light on her feet and she can dance to any beat. I'm telling ya'll she's the next Monique." The crowd exploded into an uproar. " Settle down fellas this is a treat not fresh meat. It’s my girl Chocolate Heat.”

    Dang, why did Monique pick that name for me? Chocolate heat doesn’t even sound like me but whateva I’m just here to make that loot. You feel me?

    I walked onto the stage. Monique had agreed to go out with me. She was on the other side as the sub attraction. I was the main attraction and this was my set. I decided to go out as superwoman. I had on a red, white, and blue spendex stretch uniform that showed just enough cleavage to get any man hooked, a cape, and some white go- go boots. Couldn't nobody tell me I didn't have it going on because I knew I had it all.

    Well, why was I still scared to hit the stage?

    I told the DJ to put on Joe's "What if a Woman". The crowd almost got out there seats in anticipation. I just stood there behind the curtain.

    "Hey, stop playing games with us. Where she at?" The crowd started to get rowdy.

    The music stopped. The girls stopped dancing and the fellas started hollering. Monique ran to the back of the stage where I was still frozen in place.

    "Gurl, whas up? You losing all of us money. Get out there. I told you if you weren't up for it to don't even walk out the dressing room so you got to go out there."

    "I'm going. I just got to get ready. I don't do this everyday. I'm not used to this. Get me something to drink. That will do it." I said nervously.

    "Aiight, the usual, right?"


    Monique came back with two shots of Hennessey. I downed both bad boys in a second. I was nervous and didn't hardly feel a thing. My hands were shaking. I tried to calm them by rubbing them together.

    "Okay, now we got to get out there or Swift is going to have a fit. You know how he gets. He will kick both our @sses and kick us out. Now get out there." She looked at me uneasily.

    I took a deep breath. "Yo, I'm ready. At least, I think I am."

    Monique motioned for the DJ to start the music back over. The music promptly started back over. Again, there was an uproar throughout the club.

    "What if a woman, what if a woman, was just like you?" The music played.

    "I'll go first so you won't get nervous."


    Monique went out on stage with her new Victoria Secret lingerie. Baby blue was it's color and she had some baby blue pumps to go with it too. She was stylin’ and profilin’ if I may say so myself. The light blue color went with her complexion.

    Finally, I got up enough nerve to go out onto the stage.

    “Yayyyyyyy!!!” The fellas in the club got out their sets and left the lap dances and private rooms to come to the main stage. The broads started giving me the evil eye. They just set there and watched in envy.

    “Whas up lil’ shorty? Can I be yo daddy?” An old man looking old enough to be my g- daddy said.

    I danced sexily to the slow jam. Men from all directions were throwing dollar bills. A young man threw a fifty on the stage. I walked over to him and buried his head in my titties. After that, other men started throwing large bills onto the stage hoping to get special attention. I got to as many of them as I could. It was only so much that you could do in a three song period.

    I dipped to the floor, hit splits, did cart wheels, anything to get more money. I was on a roll and I was planning to do it all before the night was over. If it wasn’t done before then I was more willing to do it.

    “Bend over shake that thing!” I did.

    By the end of the night I was tired as I don’t know what. If making money was that easy then I decided that I would keep going back again and again. It wouldn’t be until later that I would see “stripping ain’t easy.”

    Sitting at home with Monique in my room we talked about the whole night. We talked about the big ballers the shout callers and the wansters. It was a new ball game for me but it wasn’t hard to see who was the player and who weren’t.

    “Yo, Nikki you put it down out there tonight and to think you were scared motionless. I tell ya I think you're going to be a verteran of the game before it's over."

    "You really think so?"

    Yeah gurl, I know so. So tell me, how much did you rake in tonight?"

    "See, you can tell when you around black folk. They want to be all in yo business and stuff. Don't worry about that. That's for me to know and for you to find out."

    "Aiight, watch out now. Who's gonna be there for you when yo butt get junped? I am. So, I think I deserve some respect."

    "Respect given but you don't need to know that though."

    She mean mugged me. "Aiight, I'll let you have that one. I'm sleepy anyway. I'll see you later folk. You probably won't be able to go to sleep because this is yo first night but you gon' have to get used to the night life if you gon' work at the nugget. Get some shut eye."

    "I'll try."

    She walked out the room and to her's. Her door shut. I walked over to my Nike duffle bag. I pulled out all the money I had made that night.

    Shoot, how was I gonna tell her how much I don' made when I don't know myself?

    I had ones, fives, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. I had it going on. It was all balled up but I could tell that I had made quite a bit of change though. I counted it and I had made $1200.

    Dang, I'm a diva already. Heyyyyyyyyy!!! Move out the way we have a record breaking diva coming through. I playfully thought to myself.

    But sometimes people get the big head for the wrong reasons.......

    To be continued.......
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    woah killah you dropped this one foreal
    I'm feelin' this girl:wink::wave:
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    dis was awesome
    what a story u go gurl
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    in your atmosphere...
    uhh ohhh watch out now...this is off the hook, con' wait fo more...