Black Short Stories : Strippin Ain't Easy (Part II: Got to get that paper)

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    da south............ATL
    "The Gold Nugget", the place where all fantasies become reality. The place where the nerds get their first piece, the place where the ugliest got to feel fine @ss he11, and the place where I got my first job. It was also the place where I lost my life. How, do you ask? Well, let's find out.

    Remember I told you in part one I started hanging out with Monique? Well, Monique held onto her word. She got me an interview at The Nugget. The owner was this fat black man that always wore baby blue suits. He looked like a pimp if I had ever saw one. His name was Swift.

    "Turn around." He said looking at me seductively.

    We were in the basement of the club. Don't ask me why. He said he held all his interviews down there. He said no one was going to be the first to see his strippers strip but him. I was kind of skeptical about the situation at first but Monique said it was cool so I went on down.

    I turned around slowly for him. I could feel his eyes all over me. He was looking too hard for my liking. I felt kind of ashamed. I wasn't used to this. But I knew if I was going to work there I was going to have to and fast.

    He walked over to the small boombox on the portable bar. He turned it on something fast. It was Splash Waterfalls by Ludacris. That was my song and I had dance to it plenty of times alone in the mirror while I was getting dressed and when I got out the shower.

    "Strip, and make it your best ever or you won't be working here."

    I stood there.

    “Go on. If you going to do it, do it. If not, stop wasting my time and yours cause I ain‘t got time for that ****.”

    Suddenly, my hips began to move. I was shocked. Then I got the flow of the music. I moved my hips slowly. I dipped down to the floor and wiggled my tongue out to this mysterious man like I really wanted him. To be honest, I pretended like he was Morris Chestnut. God knows that’s probably the only man I could see myself doing this in front of. He nodded his head. Dang, these lil’ four and a half minutes are going by too slow. My micros was in a ponytail on top of my head. I let them down in one swift move. Then I proceeded to dance seductively in front of him. I was really getting into it now. I had on a white buttoned down shirt. I began to unbutton each button one by one. When I got to the last three buttons I just ripped them apart. I smiled at him. My pants were tight because that’s how I like them so I decided to wait until last to do that. Hopefully, the music would stop before then. I took my time taking off my black Victoria Secret bra. I took one strap down then I took the other. After dancing that way for a while I unbuttoned the clasp. The music was beginning to fade indicating that the end was near. I spun the bra around in the air then I tossed it over at him. It landed on his head. Then the music ended.

    I stood there smiling wondering what he wanted me to do next. I felt stupid just standing there. I wanted to just put on my clothes and go home. Finally, he got up and started clapping. “Dang ma, that’s what I’m talking bout. Do your thing ma. Welcome to the Nugget. You start tomorrow. “ He said smiling.

    I was surprised. “Thank you, Swift.”

    “You welcome, that was bumping girl. You gon’ be a star to these ugly *************. Yo, Monique gon’ give you all the details. I’m going to call you later and tell you when to come tomorrow. “

    “Okay, thanks again Swift.”

    I put on my clothes and walked out the club. Monique was sitting outside waiting for me in the car.

    “So?” She said anxiously waiting to know

    “So, what?” I played along.

    “Stop playing Nikki!”

    “Yeah, girl you know I got it. With curves like this what do you think?” I said playfully.

    “Yeah, you say that with all that confidence now but we’ll see how you are tomorrow night. It’s Friday too. Girl, it’s gon’ be on and poppin’.”

    The next day at the club I was ****ing in my diapers. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to do it. Monique was with me yet I still felt nervous. I could hear the music outside. They were playing Juvenile’s “Slow Motion”. We walked in the club’s front double doors. It was heated in the joint. I was hot to deaf. The place also had an odor.
    Dang, one of these broads need a bath.

    “Hey ma, let me get into some of that.” A man rubbed on my thigh smiling.

    Hey, not half bad. I thought to myself.

    I continued walking behind Monique who continued to stop talking to every man she saw. When we finally made it to the main opening of the club where the stage and tables were I was scared as I don’t know what. There were titties and booty everywhere. It looked like a live orgy up in there. You had girls giving lap dances, somewhere just striping in the aisles, others were slobbing brothas down, and of course you had about six girls on stage shaking all that their mother gave them. Money was everywhere. I’m talking, you had the gansters and hustlers shooting mad dough at cha. I was mad hyped now.

    I wish you would hurry up. I thought walking slowly behond her.

    I started dancing to myself. I wasn’t even aware that someone was watching me. I didn't find out who it was until it was too late. A man came up behind me and started dancing with me. His hands were all over my booty and hips. I stopped dancing and walked away. Nobody was going to feel on me without no cheddar in here. This is not a place for freebies.

    It took Monique twenty minutes to show me where the dressing room were. I was even more nervous now because it meant that soon I would be out there on men left and right. I wasn’t used to getting down like that but a lady’s got to do what a lady’s got to do. You feel me?

    “Nikki, now you got to go out there and get all the paper you can get . Ain’t no time for no **** ups. If you scared you bettah turn around now cause ain’t no turning back once you put on those clothes. Oh, I forgot to tell ya Swift gets ten percent of everything you make each night. Don’t try to **** him ova either cause he knows when you’re lying and he gets you back. You heard?”

    “Yeah whateva, I heard.”

    “I ain’t playin’ gurl. That man might look like he a fat pump *** brotha but he got skillz girl. The last gurl he caught tryin’ to stiff him he put her in a comma. And get this, it was just for a buck fifty. Old Kee-kee will neva be the same. Girl, her roommate had to take her position up here to pay for her tab and doctor bills. Black, both of their ex’s be coming up here keeping her in check and causing scenes and **** too. You’ll see her later.”

    “Word?” I asked.

    “Word.” She said.

    “Good lookin’ out homie.”

    “Yeah, just be careful. It’s time to make that money baby. Go shake that money maker.” Sha said hyped.

    I laughed.

    “Oh and one more thing. Watch out for these broads they get mad when you take their regulars. They will try you too.”

    “Thanks for looking out homes.”

    “Oh, you know how I do, now come on.”

    To be continued.........
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    Ummmm ma'am lovin this junt right chere she said she gosta get that paper :lol:Lovin this foreal come on wit part 3 :deal:
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    ooohh weeee

    :nuts: Yes, I liked that, I felt right there with you, I'm fiennin' for more :blob fire:
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    in your atmosphere...
    lol...i want MOREEEEE *foaming at mouth* but forreal though this series is off the hook, i loved it, waiting for part 3!!!!
    :grin: :heart: