Black Poetry : Strip Teasin( Dedicated to Rich)


Aug 28, 2002
U wanna have some fun tonite,
With me and only me,
I wanna be yo numba 1 fantasy,
I wanna squeeze u next to me,
Hold me in yo armz baby,
I'm feelin real naughty,
And i'm ready for play,
How nasty can u get,
Not as nasty as me,
I'll light yo circuits out,
So come along with me,
U sit down and relax,
As i take off my clothes,
U're the numba 1 person,
Who I'm givin a pose,
Twirlin from side to side,
And front to back,
Can u take me enough,
I might give u a heart attack,
Get yo blood flowin,
And get yo heart pumpin,
Cause i'm ready baby,
For some good ol' lovin,
Come and get some,
I'm all yourz baby,
As i'm shakin my ***,
While i'm gettin naked,
U wanna take control,
Take control,
U wanna roll with me,
Come on lets roll,
U feelin weak in the knees,
I do as u please,
U had enough of me,
I don't know, we'll see,
Let's take this along,
In the jacuzzi,
Hot steamy bubbles,
All over my body,
I can scream and shout,
But without a doubt,
I'ma work yo insides,
In and out.



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
rock me babe
rock me all night long
coz if u rock me babeeee!
i can cum real strong....

down in da cuzzi
where u be
feelin da heat
above ya knees
nasty i can be
get ready 4 a treat
a mass of bliss
that will send u in sweat
surely my feast will
keep u wet
i am da dream catcher
da desire of love
i am da flyte not
far above
i can get nasty
and make u cumm
have u sippin from
from da rum
u sure u want some
coz when i rock
dis be da bomb
i am the fantasy
late in da day
listen to the words i say
i am the one inside
yo nights
have u screammin
when ya only dreammin
i am da beammer
da erotic bliss
now u really want dis

watch what u say
coz i am extreme
da love master
to make u cream
i come wit a mass bliss
check out da list!
compassionate thrust
dis i give
love & respect
it keeps u wet
comfort at night
asure ya thangs
i am da one who
seek ya in flyte
take u up high
above da lights
and when u come back
ya never be right
coz u been hit wit
da $$RICHNE$$ love bite..
u sure u want dis ...?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
those desires
that got u on fire
will make u blow up!!

u pass da extreme test
allow me to do da rest
as i give u dis sweet caress
rub up's from feet to breast
gurl u know we be a mess!!
u & i
together we fly
come within dis kingdom of i
my domain up in da sky
is da love
i cannot lie
awaiting u...

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