Black Poetry : Strip Teased...


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Mar 21, 2001
I can't shake it-
this vision of you,
doing a striptease,
for me-
while I sucked a Philly blunt,
laid back in the cut and felt you
burn my nuts..
from on top of a table-
between double incense burners,
high heels and all-
it was hypnotizing,
to some extent paralyzing,
the way you looked at me-
rubbed your **** on my thigh,
duplicating the levels of my high-
leaving juicy droppings of your pie.
Best part is when we kissed,
mouths filled with smoke
trying hard not to choke,
not on the toke,
but the anticipation
of --
I'd never seen anything like this,
it was like crack cocaine with a twist-
then you took it all off,
and masturbated with your back to mine,
demanding that I only look at you
in the mirror in front of me-
a full length mirror,
of black ecstasy-
packaged and on display,
just for me.
I woke up in a sweat-
silk boxers all wet,
and there you were..
wrapped peacefully in sleep-
with nothing on.

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