Black Poetry : ...Strip Me...


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Apr 16, 2003
...down south...
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This is a song I wrote….ENJOY!

Verse 1:

Strip me down, with your mind
Strip me down, read me mind
Tell me how, you perceive
When and how, you need me
Strip me down, layer by layer
Strip my crown, now not later
Look in my eyes, deep inside
To the core, make me blind


I want you to come unto me
Strip me down, with your mind
I want you to beckon unto me
Strip me intellectually
I need you to whisper oh so sweet
Strip me with so much ease
I’d like you to talk intellectually
Strip me baby, make me free

Verse 2:

Strip me down, fill me up
With your smile, drain my cup
Keep me close, hold me dear
Close the door, strip me here
State you thesis, state you claim
My pace increases, I can’t explain
Strip me baby, ooooo!
I need your love
Its all so intellectual


Hair taken down
Earrings off
Necklace off
Shirt comes off
Lingerie undone
Zipper down
Strip me now
I’m in love…


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