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    String Electrical Energy Universe

    Religion will not allow its profane minds to know, understand and digest this that once known by the divine Black Being.

    to the wise that expose your mind to this I share, do so with a mind that is bridled with religion.

    There is only an infinite existence of Truth Reality, such becoming the zero dimension of eternal existence, which is what I refer to as the Dark Space electrical universe, which is the not dimension infinite universe.

    It is the physical universe that come from an ethereal infinite eternal action, which comprise of the stars and planets and the ethereal quantum energy particles that interact with and is intimate aspects of the physical universe electrical charged energy.

    The Dark mass Space Infinite Eternal Universe to which the physical Finite Universe is connected, which come from the ethereal action of an infinite zero dimension, infinite Divine Dark Mass of space universe electrical existence.

    There is no dimension of Dark infinite Space string energy , such is the zero dimension that verify its infinite truth reality.

    There can not be prove or disprove the existence of the infinite Dark Space Universe, it being a universe without dimensions, consisting of infinite strings of electrical powerful energy, which is generated from the very existence of ts own action.

    Dark space infinite energy, verify the truth reality of its own infinite existence, it serve to be the internal action of non creation, having no beginning nor ending to its infinite action.

    Only things that are physical can be or should be theorized about the reason for its action and being, because of the existence of the infinite eternal Dark space Energy, serving to be the verification of Divine truth Reality, it being the infinite electrical string energy, intrinsic of the infinite Dark massive space universe energy eternal action.

    The infinite Dark space electrical strings verifying the infinite universe with zero dimension and is in unceasing electrical motion, having the sum total of all of the quantum particles which is produced from the infinite electrical strings that verify the electric Dark Space infinite universe.

    All physical matter is what form into becoming what is referred to as the physical universe, with theorized dimensions, consisting of fractions totaling to be the sum of imaginary parts, consisting of fractions from what is referred to as numbers ranging from one to nine, emanating out from the zero dimension of the infinite Dark Space Universe, which reference only the physical universe, consisting of stars and planets, in physical form.

    The electrical symphony that is of sound, coming from the energy action that come from the movement of the physical universe.

    Silent in its own electrical ethereal action, performing unto its own action throughout eternity, is the Divine Dark space energy intelligence

    Those sounds from the physical universe, can be calculated to be coming from the electrical sound bars referred to as music, using the fractions of the whole of the infinite universe that has zero dimension to the infinite eternal electrical strings verifying the infinite Dark space existence.

    It is that limitless universe that verify the Divine truth reality of the eternal infinite ethereal electrical essence that produce the physical universe and all of its finite parts, having distance that range between galactic universe, referring to those distances as dimensions, numbering from one to nine, consisting of strings of electrical energy that bind the physical universes to each other.

    All fraction numbers, 1-9, come from the 0 dimension of the Divine Dark Space electrical universe.

    The strings of electrical energy, which is what cause the physical universe to perform as they do.

    It is such action being performed by the physical universe that has no termination date.

    There is an infinite action performed by the physical universe, that which is of coming and going, being the product of the infinite existence of the Divine Dark Space energy action, which cause the physical universe not to have a beginning or ending, as the Infinite Divine Dark energy verifies its limitless existence.

    The physical universe is produced by Divine infinite Dark space string electrical energy intelligence, which I refer to as the Divine Essence of all things.

    Infinity only produce infinity, change yes, but beginning and ending to become nothing, No.

    Osiris Akkebala
    Black Afrikan Spiritualist

    Author Of The Book:
    Divine spirituality
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