Jails / Prisons : Striking GA Prisoners Name Names, Allege Sexual Abuse, Ongoing Threats, Maltreatment by Staff

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    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
    Not quite a month ago, I wrote that we at Black Agenda Report had received word of a new
    self-organized hunger strike among prisoners in Georgia's notorious Diagnostic &
    Classification Prison at Jackson, the same place where Troy Davis was murdered by the
    state a couple years ago. We had no details beyond a single brief note and a list of
    prisoners who'd signed a letter. Since then a second communication from the prisoners at
    Jackson has been relayed to us from our friends at the Freedom Archives.

    This note says that eight prisoners are still refusing food and are on the receiving end of
    abuse and threats from correctional officers at Jackson. The note also sheds some chilling
    light on the reason for the prisoners' self-organized action.

    In a pattern all too familiar, the prisoners allege that they are being isolated and confined
    to Jackson's Special Management Unit, a prison within a prison to in order cover up offical
    misconduct, including alleged sexual abuse by correctional officers and supervisors. In the note reproduced below, the prisoners go so far as to accuse by name a supervising
    Correctional officer, Lt. Michael Kyles of being the perpetrator of sexual abuse and of
    threatening prisoners who reach out to the public.

    Read more: http://www.blackagendareport.com/co...xual-abuse-ongoing-threats-maltreatment-staff