Black Poetry : STRICTLY TRUE

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    Being in the vicinity with the lame is like enemy planes you
    Get shot down because the plot of clowns don’t add up true
    So its bad luck boo// so look in the garage with my hummer
    And a large number of things on my mind for this hot summer
    Desired college to get acquired knowledge just not inspired
    By the garbage heard every day// dominate the whack admired
    Because my rhyme accommodate facts never conversate with crack-
    Heads have no love for drugs and the scrubs know that and track
    Down violators // the local smarts get off into social arts and
    Got greedy soon sprout to graphiti on tall walls and they get fans
    The plan be quadruple and free from scruples revealing pupils of the new
    World and now true girls exist to be kissed and get brisk tongue in lieu
    Of sex, advice to a spouse is like the price for a house you’ll be a funny
    Clown if you put money down not the true way and today is sunny //
    My groove is plain have to lube my brains to remove the stains of whackness
    My aim is to practice ripping microphones and stripping domes on a tactless
    Basis, look got butter in my chapters need other rapper to lighten the load
    Got me writing in code body igniting ready to explode, left on a remote road
    Can’t return home but learned to be strong now concerned about the wrong //
    Try be fly and proper but had to see an eye doctor to see straight along
    with the right sight thing multiplying fast through my magnifying glass //