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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well beloved, here is our situation and our is in reference to the Carbon
    Afrikan Nation and in particular to the AfroDescendants in america.

    We represent the Vanguard to Afrika Liberation and yet we are unaware of
    such a position we occupy, in our fight for total self respect.

    There are many AfroDescendants, Blacks, Afrikan americans, Afrikans in
    america, Negroes, ******, however we choose to label ourselves, who in fact
    do not choose to face up to the reality of our situation in america, Afrika
    and the world in general.

    It is the AfroDescendants in america, the very Afrikan family members who as
    I speak, choose to defend our oppressors by avoiding facing the truth of our
    condition and status in america.

    We Afrodescendants, well some of us, we rather beg and borrow from our
    oppressors,than control and own the right to our freedom, Justice and

    We Afrodescendants rather punish ourselves by stressing ourselves as we
    attempt to force our way into a system, a society that has without a doubt,
    proven to have no respect for us Black Folks.

    The sad part about it is, we allow our ignorance, loaded with self denial,
    of our true status and condition in america, Afrika and the world, to be
    passed on to our children, imposing upon them at an early age, Stress.

    Let us take a realistic look at Stress and the effect it has on the body.

    A little Stress can give the body extra energy to enhance performance and
    escape danger. But prolonged Stress disrupts the ability to fight infection
    and disease and recover from injury and illness.

    So, the reality of the AfroDescendants in america is that we suffer from
    prolonged Stress, therefore, causing us to behave as we do and take on
    un-needed infection and disease, body and mental, suffering a longer period
    for recover if at all.

    An infected and diseased mind, without proper attention will develop into
    becoming a chronic illness and such an illness will in fact prevent the
    victim from being able to make reasonable and rational decisions that will
    in fact affect our lives.

    Is it not a fact that the AfroDescendants in america become upset whenever
    we hear anything that might suggest that we jettison ourselves away from the
    Stress Filled america?

    Oh yes, america cause nothing but Stress for the Black Woman and Man, here
    by way of the Middle Passage, yet we rather attempt to fight a losing battle
    by making irrational decision about our status and condition in america and
    the pity is, we attempt to justify such a foolish decision.

    Here is the reality about Stress. The body respond to Stress through two
    routes, starting in the brain.

    The Hypothalamus send signals through what is called the sympathetic nerves,
    which is located near the spinal cord, telling the adrenal glands to begin
    pumping 2 Stress hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine, those 2 hormones
    are just another name for adrenal.

    We have the pituitary gland, which send a chemical signal through the blood,
    telling the adrenal glands to release cortisol and other steroids.

    Now here is the kicker, prolong Stress can affect key areas of the body in
    the following ways, brain cells damage and impair memory, heart by causing
    increase in blood pressure and stimulates the production of inflammatory
    hormones, it affect the digestive system to the point there will appear
    stomach ulcers.

    I hope you now get the picture of what such an enemy to the body can do and
    is doing to the AfroDescendants in america, the other part of the Diaspora,
    Afrika and the world.

    The sad part about it is, we Black Folks refuse to acknowledge this fact,
    let alone accepting the fact that america is the manufacturer of Stress upon
    the AfroDescendants and the evidence of us being a victim of the Killer
    Stress is the way we behave and act toward our condition in america.

    We rather attempt to justify our stay in a Stressful environment than to
    have a place of our own whereby we can create our own environment.

    From the very first time our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors set feet upon this
    stolen land, up until now, there has been nothing but Stress placed upon us
    and now here we are a clear example of the effect that Stress work upon us
    Black Folks in america.

    We no longer can think reasonable and rational, we attempt to protect the
    oppressors and give excuses for their behavior toward us and it is all
    because we are a sick people living in a very Stressful situation and we
    wonder why our children behave the way that they do, which is in a abnormal
    way, one toward the other, be it sister or brother, mother or father, aunt
    or uncle and grandmother and grandfather.

    We are dying in america, there is no better description that fit the
    AfroDescendants in america than the description of the Walking Dead.

    Stress is killing us and yet we have become a fanatic for punishment, that
    is if it will keep us in close proximity to our oppressors, depending upon
    them for all we can get and have.

    Only a Fool hate the Truth and embrace with affection, Lies !!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist