Black Poetry : Street Talk (Da Street So'ja/Tantrum) Colab

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    Da Street So'Ja

    i don't care if you talkin' Chi-town or you talkin New York
    just watch how you talk
    sidewalks lined in chalk
    i hope i'm not borin' ya
    because if you call the police on me
    you better tell them to bring the coroner
    to save a trip i'm all man not a bi-itch
    been shot at six times but thank god i've never been hit
    and yes i've chopped dem bricks
    and added a little cut to try to make it stretch
    **** dem Yankees i'm more like the Mets
    up and coming that thing gets pulled
    trust me you'll start runnin'
    you can talk behind my back that don't mean nothing
    just show respect when you see me comin'


    My hood full of lions and bears
    Apple bottoms shaped like pears (get it)
    We smoke blacks like we flip O's
    Another block a different hood they still fenin for more/
    My ice look like skittles-My ride eminems
    My gators flip matchbox-And my rims are twenty twins/
    I ride in excursions and navigate a scenic route
    I clutch my gauge like p-*-*-*-Y why cause its been a drought/
    Long live the poerty king and there aint a dought
    When people see me sign in your guest page floods out/
    Cause my flow produces energy gives me plenty clout
    Yall want war with Soja's-I'll put foot in mouth/
    I got yall reading me sideways-Before guns air ya out....
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    lend me some sugar.. l am your neighbor
    this flow's aight...
    i'd like to see another one though...